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We are honored to be the leading event fundraising company in our industry nationwide. We are the founder of the tremendously successful Golf & Walk Event fundraising concept. All of our events are built around personal relationships and help you tap into new donors and new sources of income.

Champion fundraising events consistently produce more money ($35,000 to $250,000) than the other Big-3 events -- Banquets, Auctions, and traditional Golf Tournaments. In fact, compared to traditional golf tournaments, our Golf & Walk events typically raise 10-15 times more money! In addition to this strong performance, our events take just 12 weeks or less to organize – less than half the time it takes to organize major events and most traditional golf tournaments.

Champion conducts fundraising events for Christian schools, private and elementary schools, PTA organizations, select non-profits, sports and athletic teams, band programs, churches, and Christian ministries. We believe money is a tool that can help people – and helping people is our core mission.

Beat Your Best Fundraising Record

Most of our charity clients (many that have been in business for 30-50 years) set their all-time fundraising records on their first Champion event. Our experience translates to your maximum success. We bring to you a system that has been refined from over 2,000 charity fundraising events conducted over the past 20 years by Champion and a prior company. These events have been conducted throughout the U.S. and Canada and have raised over $80,000,000 to date.

Add Hundreds of New Donors

Champion fundraising events are built on the most important principle in fundraising that People Give to People. Relationship-based fundraising is the most powerful way to raise money for your organization and add new donors. With Champion fundraising events, you'll typically add 300 – 3,500 new donors to your donor base and energize your staff and volunteers through a fun and exciting event experience. We make fundraising easy!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With Champion fundraising events, you do not have to climb a long and expensive learning curve. You do not have to take a risk on "new" and unproven fundraising concepts. We eliminate your risk with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. You will benefit from our years of experience plus an exciting package of materials, training, donated event software, and access to incentive vacations and Bahamas cruises for your participants.

Choose from a variety of Signature Fundraising Event programs that best fit your organization and time of year. Many of our events can be conducted year-round and indoors.

Our Signature Fundraising Event options include:


Champion Fundraising Event Consultants provide you with kits that include everything you need to conduct a highly successful fundraising event.

The iConnect Internet Fundraising Platform

Champion’s iConnect Internet-based fundraising platform brings state-of-the-art technology to your fingertips. With iConnect, each of your participants can create his/her own personal fundraising website that can be emailed to friends and family worldwide.

Donors can contribute instantly online directly into your bank account or mail you a check. At any point you can see how much your event has raised and how much each participant has raised. 


U.S. Online Usage & Giving Stats

  • 77% of Americans use the Internet
  • 81% of employed Americans have email
  • The average online donation is $81
  • 78% of Seniors aged 50-64 use the Internet
  • 47% of Seniors over 70 use the Internet
  • 42% of Seniors 50+ use social media (Facebook, etc.)

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Cathedral in the Pines Christian School (TX), Mary Milligan

"We wanted to eliminate all the small, time-consuming fundraisers we do with one or two large events. Your golf event was outstanding! We grossed $78,000 on our first one. I highly recommend your program."

Trinity Christian School (TX), Todd Duncan

"With a short planning timeline of only five weeks, our golfers and upperschool athletes raised $73,600 for our athletic program! The folks at Champion Events Group were a true pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them to you."


The Josh McDowell Ministry (TX), Josh McDowell

"I am thrilled to lend my support and personal blessing to Champion Events Group and its president, Don Carmichael. I recommend them to you enthusiastically, whole-heartedly, and without reservation.Our golf marathon program, directed by Don, raised over$500,000 for our Why Wait? campaign. I wish you the greatest success!"

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Worthington Christian School (OH), Kent Homoelle

"You were right -- the biggest challenge of our event was processing all the checks! Thank you for such a well-organized program and for being so responsive to our needs. We are deeply pleased at raising $204,000 on our first event and highly recommend you!"

Dave Ramsey

"Giving is a natural expression of help and hope in the world. In a sense, we were made to be givers; it's how we're wired. If you really want to make a difference ... Give!"

Children's Miracle Network U.S.A. (UT) Emily Hornak

"We are proud to be national partners with Champion Events Group. These guys really know their business. If you need to raise significant money, you've chosen the best."