Five Key Components to a Successful Fundraising Event

by Edna Wilson on 6/26/17 6:30 AM

Planning a successful fundraising event can be difficult. There are a lot of moving parts. Luckily, we’ve come up with 5 easy steps that will help you coordinate a fun, engaging and effective...

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How to Write a Job Description for a Volunteer

by Lauren Griffin on 6/19/17 5:02 PM

You wouldn't go into surgery without having confidence that the surgeon and his team of professionals have an exact plan and know what role they are each responsible for! If no one knew what was...

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3 Questions to Consider when Recruiting Volunteers

by Bonnie Larson on 6/12/17 6:30 AM

Your event is set up. Now, it is time to reach out for volunteers. If you feel like your volunteers haven’t been giving the most they possibly can, perhaps it’s time to begin seeking and mentoring...

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How to Win Over Your Board

by Edna Wilson on 5/29/17 6:30 AM

It’s been a long day and you still have a board meeting to attend. You look for reasons not to go but after a number of internal arguments and you decide it’s worth the sacrifice to make a...

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5 Ways to Engage Volunteers

by Edna Wilson on 5/22/17 8:28 AM

Volunteers seem to be harder and harder to come by. It seems like people are getting busier as time goes on which means it has become even more important to keep the volunteers you have. Here is a...

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Sporting Clay Shoots: Raise Major Dollars With a Blast

by Don Carmichael on 5/15/17 6:30 AM

If your organization has been doing the same hum-drum fundraising events as everyone else – golf tournaments, 5K’s, banquets, walkathons – you should give serious consideration to hosting a...

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What is Your Organization's Story

by Bonnie Larson on 5/8/17 6:30 AM

Recently I read on a T-shirt, “Give Life to Your Life Story”. We all have a story we are living out daily.  Hopefully, it is a life story of purpose, passion, and mission.

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Giving a Good Thank You

by Sarah Bayley on 5/1/17 6:30 AM

As you near the end of your fundraising campaign it is our hope that you look back over the last weeks of fundraising to see that you have built stronger community relationships, deeper bonds...

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How to Fire a Volunteer

by Regina Earwood on 4/24/17 6:30 AM

Organizations and ministries are often dependent on volunteer help which can be a very good thing. Having people who care about your organization enough to give up one of their most valuable...

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How 100 Hole Golf Marathons Can Change Fundraising

by Don Carmichael on 4/10/17 6:30 AM

Your organization has to raise $30,000 to $100,000.  You don’t want to sell candy bars and you don’t want to waste your volunteers’ time on uninteresting and low-yield fundraisers.  So what are...

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