How Do I Get Men Involved as Volunteers?

by Emily Hergert on 1/30/19 6:30 AM

You’ve been trying for months to get volunteers and you’re down to the wire. You put out a last minute ask praying for someone, anyone to sign up. Who are your typically your best responders?...

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Make Your Donors Feel Appreciated in 5 Easy Steps

by Edna Wilson on 1/22/19 6:00 AM

Being able to maintain a good relationship with your donors can feel like it’s half luck, half alchemy. But, really, donor relations are like any other relationship. They take time to cultivate...

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How One Small Non-Profit Raised Big Money

by Edna Wilson on 1/15/19 6:30 AM

Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a 70-year old Christian ministry based in Denver that serves 17,000 military officers and their families. OCF was introduced to the Top Gun Sporting Clay...

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Why Saying Thank You Matters

by Topher Wallace on 1/8/19 6:30 AM

Everyone wants to make an impact. That’s why you work where you work and that’s why your donors give their hard earned money to make sure that what you do is a success. But sometimes we can take...

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3 Tips on Maximizing Your Personal Fundraiser

by Edna Wilson on 12/18/18 6:30 AM

Committing to participating in a fundraiser is committing to giving up time. Life is already busy enough, so if it was important enough for you to give up your time, it’s important enough to do it...

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Do incentives help stimulate greater fundraising?

by Edna Wilson on 12/11/18 6:30 AM

You bet they do! Your participants are making a big commitment to fundraise for you. Most will stop at the end of their comfort zone; few will exceed it. But, by offering an incentive to each...

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How to Prepare a Stunning Year-End Fund Appeal

by Bonnie Larson on 12/4/18 6:30 AM

Approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs at year-end, making it possibly the easiest time to attract new donors and raise money for your cause. Consider these 10 tips as you prepare your...

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Is it Time to Rethink Your Sports Team's Fundraising Strategy?

by Shelby Wade on 11/20/18 9:45 AM

Fundraising for youth sports can be a bit tricky. Dues never cover all the expenses of the club, but finding a fundraiser that works can be difficult .

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5 Tips on Becoming a Super Volunteer

by Kevin Smith on 11/13/18 6:30 AM

Let’s face it. One of the most difficult things about being a volunteer can be knowing that what you are doing is making a difference. When you volunteer, a lot of times, you’ve bought into...

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Create a Smooth Checkout Experience for Your Next Charity Auction

by Edna Wilson on 11/6/18 6:30 AM

Going, Going, Gone....some of my favorite words in a charity auction! I love the thrill of the fight and the sweet smell of victory when I finally win that piece of artwork I wanted from the...

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