Do incentives help stimulate greater fundraising?

by Edna Wilson on 12/11/18 6:30 AM

You bet they do! Your participants are making a big commitment to fundraise for you. Most will stop at the end of their comfort zone; few will exceed it. But, by offering an incentive to each...

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How to Prepare a Stunning Year-End Fund Appeal

by Bonnie Larson on 12/4/18 6:30 AM

Approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs at year-end, making it possibly the easiest time to attract new donors and raise money for your cause. Consider these 10 tips as you prepare your...

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Is it Time to Rethink Your Sports Team's Fundraising Strategy?

by Shelby Wade on 11/20/18 9:45 AM

Fundraising for youth sports can be a bit tricky. Dues never cover all the expenses of the club, but finding a fundraiser that works can be difficult .

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5 Tips on Becoming a Super Volunteer

by Kevin Smith on 11/13/18 6:30 AM

Let’s face it. One of the most difficult things about being a volunteer can be knowing that what you are doing is making a difference. When you volunteer, a lot of times, you’ve bought into...

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Create a Smooth Checkout Experience for Your Next Charity Auction

by Edna Wilson on 11/6/18 6:30 AM

Going, Going, Gone....some of my favorite words in a charity auction! I love the thrill of the fight and the sweet smell of victory when I finally win that piece of artwork I wanted from the...

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Are Fun Runs Actually Fun?

by Edna Wilson on 10/29/18 6:30 AM

Of course fun runs are fun. Otherwise, it would be false advertising. The question you should be asking yourself is are your Fun Runs actually accomplishing what they should?

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Do You Have the Right Year End Giving Campaign?

by Don Carmichael on 10/22/18 6:30 AM

Your year-end has the potential to be your best time of giving, but if you aren’t prepared for it, then you won’t be able to use it to its full potential. Below you’ll find a step by step plan...

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Making the Most of Your End of the Year Giving

by Don Carmichael on 10/15/18 6:30 AM

Have you started planning for your Year-end giving push? If not, keep reading!

Year-end giving offers a tremendous funding opportunity for private schools, Christian ministries and nonprofits....

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Fighting Volunteer Burnout

by Bonnie Larson on 10/1/18 6:30 AM

Everyone wants great volunteers and we all know that sourcing and recruiting great them can be difficult. We also know that with all of the effort that we put into getting the volunteers in the...

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Avoid Volunteer Negativity in 3 Easy Steps

by Bonnie Larson on 9/24/18 6:30 AM

Did you know that a negative attitude is NINE times more powerful than a positive one?

We all have been around people who seem to carry a cloud of negativity with them wherever they go. What can...

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