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Annual Appeal Programs

Growth Consulting Services

In addition to conducting major fundraising events, we also provide Growth Coaching (Strategic Consulting Services) that can help you drive long-term growth and funding.  We have a team of experts with over 60 years of expertise serving nonprofit organizations. We will walk you through a simple process to help your organization make strategic shifts that lead to a stronger and more successful future.annual_appeals.jpg

The purpose of our strategic consulting services is to help you move your organization beyond the 12-Month Cycle of Survival to true financial sustainability and growth.  Sustainability and growth only happen through strategic planning – defining a strategic Master Plan based on real-life best practices and aligning all of your organization’s human, technological and financial resources behind this plan.

The following are specific areas of strategic expertise, as well as stand-alone modules we offer, to help you transition your organization from survival to sustainable.


Annual Appeal Programs


We can assist you in establishing your fundraising appeal strategy for target, content, frequency and medium. We can be your turn-key solution to implementing an annual appeal program, helping draft your letters, your way, with your language to create the strongest appeal to your donors and supporters within your culture.

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