4 Ways to Boost Your Board's Fundraising

by Emily Hergert on 11/19/19, 6:30 AM

Being a board member in an organization grants you a unique platform and opportunity to influence the rest of the members of the organization. When it comes to fundraisers, this platform being...

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3 Ways to Recruit New Volunteers

by Lauren Griffin on 11/12/19, 6:30 AM

Recruiting new volunteers can feel like a daunting task. How do you ask someone to give up some of their most precious commodity, time, for free? Well, first, you need to understand that people...

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3 Common Challenges of Nonprofit Leaders and How to Overcome Them

by Regina Earwood on 11/5/19, 6:30 AM

As a non-profit leader you have a large number of things on your plate at any given time. You’re trying to balance budgets, projects, fundraising, volunteers and staff morale. It’s an incredibly...

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Fundraising Simplified: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

by Jill Belknap on 10/29/19, 6:30 AM

I don’t know anyone who enjoys fundraising. It’s difficult to ask for money, especially when there are so many worthy organizations and causes that people can give to. Why would they give to you?

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Leading with Intention

by Shelby Wade on 10/22/19, 6:30 AM

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5 Leadership Best Practices that Make a Difference in Schools

by Lauren Griffin on 10/15/19, 6:30 AM

In movies, we see leaders as the people standing up and making great speeches but we don’t often see the leaders doing the small things well. But doing the small things is what creates great...

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4 Simple Steps to a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

by Emily Hergert on 10/8/19, 6:30 AM

Many organizations avoid the end of the year when it comes to fundraising, thinking that people may be too busy or not be as willing or as able to give during the holiday season. The truth is,...

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Your Guide to a Year End Giving Campaign

by Sarah Bayley on 10/1/19, 6:30 AM


As the calendar quickly turns toward 2020 your nonprofit should be preparing for your year-end giving campaign. Nearly 50% of nonprofits receive the majority of their annual donations between...

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Three Pitfalls Leaders Face While Running Fundraising Events

by Shelby Wade on 9/24/19, 6:30 AM

Leading a new fundraising initiative is not easy. Very few of us don’t get nervous when we start going down the path of everything that could go wrong or outright fail. If we get stuck in that...

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How to Tell Your Organization's Story in a Way that Someone will Listen

by Bonnie Larson on 9/17/19, 6:30 AM

We all have things that we’re passionate about. Some of us, it’s sports teams. Others, it’s our families. Still others we talk about where we serve in our communities. And when we’re passionate...

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