How and Why to Set Up Endowments for Christian Schools

by The Champion Group on 4/12/22 11:32 AM

We’ve mentioned before that a school shouldn’t rely on tuition as its sole means of income, and there are multiple ways to increase income for your school. Endowments for Christian schools are...

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Planned and Legacy Giving for Christian Schools: What You Need to Know

by The Champion Group on 4/7/22 11:19 AM

Beyond major/recurring donors, it’s important to have a plan for long-term financial stability and success for your school. It’s great to have money coming in while your donors have some sort of...

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Here’s How to Facilitate Major Donor Development for Your School

by The Champion Group on 3/8/22 7:30 AM

Even if you have a Director of Development, they may not be fully equipped to facilitate major donor development. It takes more than simply asking people for their money (if you want to do it right...

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Grant Writing 101: Keys to a Winning Proposal

by The Champion Group on 3/3/22 10:46 AM

Grant writing may not seem like a complicated process to those who have never done it before or have never received one. But it’s more of a detailed process than you might think. To write a winning...

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How Does Strategic Planning Affect a Capital Campaign?

by The Champion Group on 2/3/22 12:01 PM

When you find yourself in need of launching a capital campaign to raise a certain amount of money, there are two steps you’ll need to complete before its launch. The first step is developing a...

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Why Feasibility Studies Are a Linchpin to a Capital Campaign

by The Champion Group on 2/1/22 12:33 PM

For the same reason you wouldn’t—or shouldn’t— take a test without studying, you shouldn’t launch your capital campaign without running a feasibility study first. Doing so would be like using your...

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Why Operations Is Essential to the Overall Success of Your School

by The Champion Group on 1/13/22 4:26 PM

It may be surprising to hear that your school should be operating more like a business rather than how a school is traditionally run. A school exists to provide a service: educating children. Parents...

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A Primer on Advancement: How It Helps Your School Excel

by The Champion Group on 1/4/22 1:10 PM

You’re a leader or employee at a nonprofit organization or private school, and you’re passionate about what you do. You believe you’re doing good work and contributing to the progress of your...

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Discipleship… This (Actually) Changes Everything!

by The Champion Group on 12/9/21 10:41 AM

In one of the most watched and shared TED Talks ever, Simon Sinek famously calls his listeners to “Start with WHY.” His point is that when we begin by constructing the “what” or scheming the “how”...

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How Proper Financial Planning Sets Your School Up for Success

by The Champion Group on 12/7/21 11:33 AM

It can be hard to make a change when you’ve been doing the same thing for so long. But just because it’s the way things have always been doesn’t mean it’s the way they should keep going. Change can...

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