Kickstart Your Fundraising Campaign with Video Communication!

by Lynette Fries on 9/3/19 6:30 AM

Technology has become a major part of our culture and people are rarely more than two feet from their phones. Believe it or not, this creates an incredible opportunity for you. Creating videos for...

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Four Questions to Test Your Leadership

by Don Carmichael on 8/27/19 6:30 AM

Being a good leader of an organization is simple but not easy. Below we've included four different things to look at to see if you're successfully leading your organization.

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How to be an Incredible Board Member

by Sarah Bayley on 8/20/19 6:30 PM

A nonprofit board is the driving force behind the vision and mission of the organization and is there to hold it accountable to its goals. But a bad board can ruin a good organization. Lack of...

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A Strategic Plan for Building Your Donor Base

by Walter Kearns on 8/13/19 6:30 AM

Nonprofits around the world are asking themselves; “how will we bring in our yearly budget on time?” While building a strategic plan to reach your budget is not hard, it does take time.

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4 Ways to Capture Committed Donors and Build Relationships

by Lauren Griffin on 8/6/19 6:30 AM

Your planning is now starting to take shape, the fundraising event you have been so hard to bring to life now has a real date and time. You want to ensure that you get that financial commitment...

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How Volunteers bring your Nonprofit to Life

by Sarah Bayley on 7/30/19 6:58 AM

Volunteers working within your organization fuel to your mission. They fundraise, help with administrative tasks, give legs to your vision and make sure everything runs smoothly. They serve with...

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Starting the School Year Strong

by Bonnie Larson on 7/23/19 6:30 AM

School is just around the corner and it’s more important than ever to be prepared. Most of the time when we think about preparing for the school year, we’re talking about curriculum, school...

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The 3 Toxic Traits of Gossip in your School

by Regina Earwood on 7/16/19 6:21 AM

Gossip can seem harmless at first, but when it’s allowed to spread the effects spread far and wide. In this blog are three of the harmful effects gossip can have on your school as well as steps...

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With These Three Steps Raising Teacher Morale Has Never Been So Easy!

by Lynette Fries on 7/9/19 6:30 AM

Your teachers are the lifeblood of your school. They determine how bright your students’ future is and really, whether or not your school has a future. They're also the best way you have to...

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Bidding for Good | 10 Tips for a Sucessful Auction Event

by Shelby Wade on 6/25/19 6:36 AM

Auction events can be tricky if you aren’t prepared. Here are 10 tips to make sure that you are ready to put on the best event possible:

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