Why Leadership Development Is the Linchpin of Your School's Success

by The Champion Group on 11/4/21 11:15 AM

What does leadership mean to you? To us, leadership is a huge issue; some might even argue that it is the most important. Without leadership, a school’s action plan and governance have a much...

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Board Governance 101: Which Model Works Best?

by The Champion Group on 11/2/21 11:04 AM

Governance is key—especially in Christian school settings. Governance has roots in Biblical principles, and is modeled to us throughout the Bible. Through successful board governance strategies,...

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Strategic Planning for Your School: Why It Matters

by The Champion Group on 10/7/21 4:02 PM

Finding your “why” comes from the purpose and overall mission of your school’s existence. Ultimately, this is not what your school does, but why it does it. Ask yourself this question, “Does my...

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The Keys to Christian School Sustainability: An Overview

by The Champion Group on 10/5/21 3:54 PM

Many Christian schools have a familiar mission: to partner with families as they grow and educate the next generation of leaders. The focus is to develop students through their academic skills—in...

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 101

by The Champion Group on 9/7/21 5:01 PM

One of the most important relationships you can foster is the one you create with your supporters. It starts with welcoming them to the community, making them feel appreciated, helping them on...

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Getting Your School's Board on Board: Tips to Involve Key Members in Fundraising

by The Champion Group on 9/2/21 4:55 PM

Lyndon B. Johnson said, “Education is not a problem. Education is an opportunity.”  However, raising money for education can be a problem if your school’s board is not sufficiently engaged in the...

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10 Mistakes Organizations Make with Donors

by The Champion Group on 8/5/21 3:38 PM

There’s a “dos and don’ts” list for every industry in the world. The same goes for private school fundraising! Make sure you’re aware of the fundraising “don’ts” so you can avoid losing donors....

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Discipleship Infused Education

by The Champion Group on 8/3/21 3:26 PM

While Christian school education is focused on growing and cultivating the next generation of leaders, Christian schools consist of seven components that need to work in unison for sustained...

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Maintain Parent Engagement This Summer With These Tips

by The Champion Group on 6/3/21 1:24 PM

Parent engagement is crucial for your school, because they’re key stakeholders in their child’s learning and growth. Parents’ are also naturally likely to be anxious about the wellbeing of their...

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How Leaders Can Manage Organizational Stress in Christian Schools

by The Champion Group on 5/6/21 3:38 PM

If you are part of the senior leadership team in a Christian school, you can probably relate to the difficulty of managing the countless operational activities that take place within your...

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