11 Secrets to Better Board Involvement

Posted by Regina Earwood on 9/11/17 5:30 AM

Everybody has a different experience with their board. Some of you have incredibly involved boards who completely support you. Others have disengaged boards, or boards who are critical of any new idea brought before them. If your board is one of the last two, this blog post is for you. Now, let’s get into those 10 secrets.

  • Improve communication between each board member as well as the administration/leadership. Find creative ways to get them to spend time together and communicate.
  • Hold a board inspiration session to fire each other up about your mission and how a successful fundraiser will benefit your organization.
  • Have each board member to recount their personal story of how organization has benefited them or their family. This is a quick way to remind them of the lasting impact your organization has.
  • Successful events often see a strong relationship between the Board and Staff (teachers), not just the administration. Make sure you aren’t just throwing events to throw events, but you are truly staying on top of which events can be the most successful for your organization.
  • Boards understand and acknowledge that successful fundraising starts at the top of the organization (board). Your staff and families will follow.
  • Teach your board members how to ask for donations. Chances are, once you walk through the process with them, they will increase their contribution as well.

  • Princess Diana once said, “I don’t go by rule book, I lead from the heart not head.” Make sure your passion for your organization is always evident. Let them know where your heart is at. People tend to follow passionate leaders.
  • Have each board member commit to holding each other accountable for their own fundraising success. It will remove you from the position of having to be the nag, and will motivate them to outdo each other.
  • Fundraising events will be more successful when organizations see that their Board is strong in areas of trust, motivation & interest, judgment, wisdom courage.
  • Board Members are most often people of influence. Ask them to increase your organization’s effectiveness by using their unique skills, experience and networks.
  • Boards must grasp that they are the “Fuel & Fire” that ignite the engine of the fundraising event. Administration is the “transmission” to get it in gear and finally the families are the “wheels” that turn this event into a success.

Keep these secrets in mind as you plan your next board meeting and prepare yourself for unparalleled success.

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