3 Steps to Wow your Golfers During your Next Fundraising Tournament

Posted by Sarah Bayley on 6/4/18 6:30 AM

Hosting an annual golf fundraising event is a tradition that can give your organization unique opportunities for new support and stronger connections to your constituents.

Everything at your event, from a warm greeting when your participants first arrive, to a thoughtful banquet to highlight the impact they’ve made to close the day, should connect your participants back to your cause and show that you have thought about their needs.

Let’s go through three ways you can really make your golfers feel appreciated.

Gifts:  Providing a quality gift to your participants goes a long way in wowing them from the start.  Apparel with your organization logo on it will be a well-received gift. When selecting apparel choose items that fit within your budget and make sure you place your order with plenty of time to receive it before your event date.  Popular items for a golf event are windbreakers, light jackets, hats, raincoats or a nice fleece.

3 Steps to Wow Your golfers during the next fundraising event

Care Kits: A long day on the golf course leaves your participants susceptible to the elements of the day.  Making up a Care Kit that includes band-aids, sunblock, bug spray, gum or mints and pain reliever is a thoughtful expression of gratitude and care on your part.  To keep it affordable, search for the travel size versions of each of those products online or at your local big box store. Your golfers can add this to their golf bag if they do not use the items during their day on the course.

Celebration/Awards: Conclude your day on the golf course with a well thought out celebration and time of awards.  Having a nice dinner after a long day outside will not only be appreciated by your participants but will also give them a chance to reflect on the fun of the day.  Use this time to acknowledge any award winners and tie them back to the heart of your cause one more time.

When thinking through the details of your day ask yourself if there are places where you can add a wow factor to your event.  Putting these elements into play will leave your fundraisers talking and will get them excited about the next year's event.

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