3 Tips to Creating a Good Silent Auction

Posted by Kent Wallace on 12/19/16 5:30 AM

Putting on a silent auction seems simple. Get prize baskets. Print off sheets. Find people to silently bid on your prize baskets. And voila! You’ve generated money for your non-profit. But while the concept of a silent option is simple, there are things that you can absolutely do to make sure your silent auction is the absolute best it can be.

Have Something on Display

If you don’t have a physical object you’re selling make sure you always have a picture of what they are bidding on. Maybe they are bidding on a gift certificate to a golf course. Have a poster that has pictures of the course. Maybe add a photo of people hitting off from the picturesque tee box. When a product has a visual component, it is guaranteed to up the price.


auction fundraiser


Create Different Sections

Have three different sections, color code them and plan for the sections to end independently of each other. This will allow you to encourage people who didn’t win items in the blue section to bid higher on an item in the yellow section which ends ten minutes later.

Always Keep Your Audience Informed

Make sure your audience knows when each section ends and also what are the best items with the lowest bids. For example, maybe you have a grill that is worth $300 but the highest bid is currently $120. Let them know when there’s 5 minutes left that the grill is still available. This will allow you to drum up some excitement and also will help you raise more money for your organization.


These are just a couple of simple tips to help you make your silent auction better. For more tips on how to create a memorable event give us a call at 1.800.490.1959

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