3 Ways Mobile Giving Can Boost Your Fundraising

Posted by Emily Hergert on 6/4/19 6:30 AM

It was easy to dismiss smartphones as a fad 10 years ago, but now they’re not just here to stay, it’s difficult to imagine life without them. We use them to check our weather, order items online, find out how to get to our kids sporting events and track our daily calendars. And these are just basic functions.

So, with everything that a smartphone is capable of, what are the benefits they’ll bring to your next event?


Nearly everyone has a cell phone today, and most people have their phones on them or within a few feet of them at all times. This means that people can quickly see a request to donate or a need to spread the word, and then act on it right away. You’ve heard of impulse buys? Don’t doubt the power of an impulse donation. They don’t have to go to a different device or make a note to donate later, it’s all right there in their hand!


Most people have an extensive list of contacts saved in their phones – likely even more than they realize! This makes it simple to send out text messages to many people nearly instantly. Even more people can be reached via other apps on the average person’s phone, like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Harnessing this unique power of a smart phone makes it possible for one person to quickly spread the word about your fundraiser to hundreds of people in no time at all!


Smartphones can help your fundraising efforts immensely


Easy to Share

Speaking of those contacts, mobile giving makes sharing that word to your list of contacts incredibly easy. If you send a URL through text or post a link on social media means potential donors can simply tap to view a donation page. Moreover, they can also share posts via social media or forward text messages by tapping and holding the message. This ease of sharing means more people will be more willing and able to help spread the word and get your fundraiser trending.

Mobile giving allows for a greater reach with a simpler approach. It utilizes features that most smartphone users are already familiar with to launch your fundraiser’s potential to greater heights and allows it to reach a much wider audience.

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