4 Simple Steps to a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

Posted by Emily Hergert on 10/8/19 6:30 AM

Many organizations avoid the end of the year when it comes to fundraising, thinking that people may be too busy or not be as willing or as able to give during the holiday season. The truth is, this time of year can be an extremely successful time to host a fundraiser, just make sure to follow a few simple steps.

Have a clearly defined strategy and purpose.

Make sure to plan out when, how, and where you will kick off your fundraiser and ask for donations. Have a concise ask planned and make sure to include how the funds you raise will be used. Be more specific. People give when they know their donation will make a difference.

Tell your story!

The driving force behind people’s donations is the story of your organization. What makes your organization special? Explain your mission and your heart for the work you are doing here. If you tell this story well, they’ll understand just how important your mission is and they’ll catch the vision and join in.


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Use #GivingTuesday

The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has been celebrated as Giving Tuesday since 2012. This is a growing movement that utilizes the power of social media to encourage people to make donations to meaningful causes. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by spreading the word by using the Giving Tuesday hashtag across your social media accounts.

Promote Promote Promote

Speaking of spreading the word, make sure you promote this campaign across all available platforms! This should include your organization’s website and all social media accounts, but also consider mailing letters to your constituents. Sending out year-end appeals along with recent organization updates to your existing supporters can be a great way to bring in extra donations during this time.

If a year-end fundraiser is carefully planned and executed, it can be a huge success. This is the time of year when people are feeling the most generous, so don’t be afraid to have a major giving campaign during the holiday season!

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