4 Ways to Boost Your Board's Fundraising

Posted by Emily Hergert on 11/19/19 6:30 AM

Being a board member in an organization grants you a unique platform and opportunity to influence the rest of the members of the organization. When it comes to fundraisers, this platform being effectively utilized will have a significant impact on the amount your team is able to raise!


Enthusiasm is one of the easiest, yet most powerful things you can do as a board member. In many ways, people are looking to you to set the mood for this event. If they don’t see you being excited about your organization’s new fundraiser, then they won’t be excited either!


Being the first contributor shows your constituents that you are serious about giving your best effort to making this your organization’s most successful fundraiser yet. This will help encourage everyone else to give that same level of effort and make their own personal donations. It also sets the bar for others and will end up raising your overall base contribution level.


Being a board member means being their number one fundraiser


Raise the Bar

Setting a high goal is a great way to reinforce your desire to work hard for the success of the fundraiser, and that desire will translate throughout the rest of the organization. Being able to tell people that, as a board member, you are working hard to raise a specific, high dollar amount will encourage them to do the same!


Early fundraising successes through sponsorships and one time donations from reliable donors will set an excellent example for the rest of your organization. Imagine working hard behind the scenes and being able to tell your constituents near the beginning of your fundraiser’s launch that you have already been able to raise a large amount towards your goal! What an awesome way to encourage and motivate the rest of your organization to do the same.

As a board member, being fully engaged, excited, and vocal about your fundraising is so important. Your position in the organization means you have the power to make or break your fundraiser’s success!

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