4 Ways to Capture Committed Donors and Build Relationships

Posted by Lauren Griffin on 8/6/19 6:30 AM

Your planning is now starting to take shape, the fundraising event you have been so hard to bring to life now has a real date and time. You want to ensure that you get that financial commitment from the list of donors you will be contacting but what really is the best way to build relationships with potential donors?

Ask yourself what core elements do you find most valuable in your personal friendship? List your answers, then interview a colleague or friend who’s opinion you value and you might find some common denominators that are critical when building a relationship.

When we’ve done this exercise, we found that these three elements were critical in donor communication:

Clear and Concise Details

Make sure that people know where to go, what to do and how to give. If these details are not clear, you’ve lost your donors before you’ve asked for your first dollar.

A Personal Ask

It’s a lot harder to say no to someone face to face. Once you engage them in conversation, be ready to tell them how their support will make a difference. You’ll be surprised how it has the power to turn skeptical donors into passionate repeat givers.

Building a deep donor pool through proactive friendships

The Why 

The why is the easy part, share your vision and how the financial success of this fundraiser will impact the organization and more importantly how it will benefit the donor on a personal level.

When you view donors as relationships not transactions, you add value to their investment. Most organizations take sponsors’ money and give nothing in return. Look for intentional ways to add value and build the donor relationships. This can be done through continued contact, showing them what was accomplished through their giving and keeping a connection to your cause. Define a specific communication plan for staying in touch with donors throughout the year to build future giving. And of course, they should be the first to be thanked after your event has ended.

Did you know your best source of new donors is right under your nose? There are few people who are as passionate about what you're trying to do than the people who are devoting their time and careers to make sure your organization keeps on chugging.

Click the link below to get some helpful tips on how to keep them engaged and working toward your common goal.

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