5 Fresh Ideas for a Charity Auction

Posted by Walter Kearns on 6/18/18 8:14 PM

Your event is drawing near. You have been tasked with finding auction items that will sell and create excitement. What do you get?

It can be scary and overwhelming finding items that will excite your guests. It can be even harder to obtain items that will make people pull out their pocketbooks and spend money willingly. Here are a few tips for you to remember to set up your most successful auction yet!

Sell Experiences!


Give your donors the opportunity to create stories or to do that one thing that they never thought they’d get around to. Being able to sell an experience will really speak to some donors and if you are able to create a package that allows them to share the experience with friends, more the better. You may even get into a bidding war between friend groups, which is good for everybody!


Find items that have sentimental value.


Whether it’s a rocking chair signed by each child in a certain class or a piece of nostalgia that you will be unable to find anywhere else, make sure you are offering items that speak to your donors’ hearts. People will give to keep a memory.


Sell items that will lead to greater buy-in for your school or organization.


Look for opportunities to bring people to your organization’s events. Whether 5 Fresh Ideas for Charity Auctionsit’s a discounted ticket to a banquet or even the chance to promote something they care about at another fundraiser, this is a great chance to bring people into what you’re trying to do while helping your organization out in the process.


High- value items are a must.


Purchase a big game hunt, sky-diving for two or a romantic beach getaway. Be prepared to spend some money on a few items that will really get people excited to come to your event. These expenses should not be seen as money lost, but as money spent in order to make more money than you would have without those additional guests present. This will also provide you the opportunity to post pictures from these trips to your social media hopefully prompting more people to come for a chance to win one of these packages next year.

Sell things that are relevant to your culture.


This may sound like a no brainer but it is vital to sell things that your guests area excited to purchase. If you live in Florida, don’t sell a ski suit  (unless it comes with a skiing vacation to match). If you live in a college town, don’t sell a rival team's signed jersey. Make sure you know what is relevant to your culture and strive to find items that create sizzle and excitement.

Once you are able to lock in on the items that will matter to your community, make sure you let everyone know about it. If you’ve picked your prizes wisely, you may find yourself turning people away!

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