5 Leadership Best Practices that Make a Difference in Schools

Posted by Lauren Griffin on 10/15/19 6:30 AM

In movies, we see leaders as the people standing up and making great speeches but we don’t often see the leaders doing the small things well. But doing the small things is what creates great leaders. Below you’ll read 5 leadership best practices that will make sure that your leadership is effective.

Lead by example

Leading by example means being prepared to go first, living out the behaviors you want others to adopt before asking them to adopt them. People will hear what leaders say but will follow what they see their leaders consistently do. Do you tighten your own budget belt before asking others to cut back on theirs? Have you donated to your own cause as an example of modeling the way?

Honesty & Transparency

Being honest isn’t always easy, because it requires communicating both the good and the bad. But adhering to the motto of “honesty is the best policy” generates trust within your organization. When you’re honest and transparent, it’s easier to get all your constituents, staff and board on the same page. That makes it much easier to move forward as a team trying to achieve your goals.


Diplomacy is the art of dealing with people in a sensitive and effective way. Differing points of view and conflicting perspectives will arise within your organization, but that’s a good thing! If no conflict of opinion was to surface it would mean you have a staff of robots who only magnify your mistakes. As a leader, it’s your job to bring together these conflicting strengths into one cohesive and effective whole.


leadership is a mindset not a thing



Creativity, accountability and initiative flow in an environment where the perimeters are clearly defined. As simple as it sounds, a leader who consistently arrives to work on time, prepared and ready to serve his/her staff will generate greater respect than one who fluctuates in the most basic of principles. And your team will be much more confident in their ability to achieve success, because they will know what success looks like.


Communication is key – and unless you clearly communicate your vision to your team and tell them the strategy to achieve the goal, it will be impossible to achieve the results you want. Make sure you communicate clearly and often. An informed team is an effective team.

Implementing these 5 Best Practices is a start. Make sure you are intentional about bringing these into your daily routine and once they have become habits, look to see what’s next. This is what will make you a good leader.


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