5 Proven Secrets to Mobilizing Volunteers to Reach Your Fundraising Goals

Posted by Kevin Smith on 3/12/19 6:30 AM

Why is it so difficult to ask anyone to volunteer? It’s a question that’s plagued most of us at one time or another. Most people say they are willing to volunteer and help out but why does it seem like such an effort to get them to actually say yes when we ask?

Well, read below for these 5 proven secrets to help you find those key volunteers.

Communicate Clear Written Expectations

Clarity will be key any time you are asking someone to help you. The worst thing you can do is not let someone know what is expected. Remember, upfront expectations will eliminate any misunderstanding and a lot of frustration down the road.

You can do this by creating a job description for each of your volunteers and constantly refer back to it throughout your campaign. When someone is willing to donate their time it is crucial for them to know what they are donating their time to. This will be the catalyst to you managing your team well and them feeling empowered.

Ask for Help

There are many individuals in your circle that are massively gifted. They may seem busy or overwhelmed already, but you never know until you ask. What do you lose if they say no? Too often we miss out on key opportunities because we’re afraid to ask. Identify your high gifted individuals and ask them. A simple clear ask could open up the doors to a dream team for your campaign.

Receive a Commitment

Have your volunteers sign their job descriptions. This will create an environment of commitment. It also is an opportunity to talk about their strengths and areas that you would like to see them grow. This conversation empowers both of you and creates a bond of accountability. Which ultimately will make you both more successful.


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Hold Them Accountable

People don’t do what you expect, they do what you inspect. As the point person for a campaign schedule weekly touch points with each team member. These don’t need to be extensive conversations. Let them know where they are succeeding and where they can most improve. This is going to keep the ball on the fairway for your event and it lets that person know that what they are doing matters. Remember clarity is the main ingredient in a cohesive team.

Reward Generously

Continue to generate opportunities to communicate value for your volunteers. Look for moments to encourage them in their efforts. Be open to rewarding individuals who are performing well. Remember these are people giving up their time to a worthy cause so let’s speak life into them continually. Instructing privately, but exhorting publicly will generate a team of raving fans.

With the pace of this world continuing to ramp up, people are going to be constantly looking for opportunities to feel significant. Give your volunteers a sense of purpose with these 5 secrets and they will want to be a part of whatever your next endeavor is. You’ll know you’ve been really successful if they start recruiting those around you.


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