Are Fun Runs Actually Fun?

Posted by Edna Wilson on 10/29/18 6:30 AM

Of course fun runs are fun. Otherwise, it would be false advertising. The question you should be asking yourself is are your Fun Runs actually accomplishing what they should?

The idea of a Fun Run is to get your constituents together and spend a day outside, running and celebrating the people who have come out to support your organization. To participate in this run, each person is asked to raise pledges. The event itself can be a blast, but if you are truly counting on it bringing in donations, it needs to be more than fun.

A group on a fun run

When you are setting up your next Fun Run, you should be scheduling it out well in advance, promoting it well and challenging each person to raise some serious cash for the organization they love well in advance of the event. The best way for them to do this is to personally reach out to their immediate and second level networks two months before the event. It sounds simple, but if you are able to emphasize the importance of this, we’ve found that our participants raise, on average, $800 each. All they have to do is ask!

Each organization is different and each can have its challenges but we find this pledge-driven event is amazing. We know that with a little effort and an enthusiastic support base, the fun run works. We’ve watched it happen. The question is, do you believe in your organization enough to ask your volunteers to raise their bar and reach out to their connections for support. If you do, your next Fun Run may be your best event of the year.

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