Auctions Simplified: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

Posted by Lynette Fries on 12/3/19 6:30 AM

Auctions can generate quite a bit of cash for your organization, but they can be quite a bit of work! Follow our tips, tricks, and expert advice to simplify the process, limit your risk and make your next auction or gala a success!

One of the most important first steps to a successful auction or gala is to secure a great venue. Finding a venue that people want to go to will create excitement and will set the tone for your evening. The venue you choose is an investment of your campaign, so find a venue that is appealing to the eye, has great atmosphere, and plenty of seating and space for your guests and auction items.

While you are keeping an eye out for your incredible venue, you will want to start building a team. The people you select need to have good energy, be committed and have the skills needed to complete the tasks before them. Make sure you assign roles to people who naturally fit into them. For example, choosing a person with an eye for aesthetics and decorating is a great fit for your Day-of-Event captain, as they will take your auction/gala to the next level with table decoration and atmosphere at your venue. For the Procurement Captain you will want someone who is organized and ready to go out and make contact with businesses to collect your items for auction. The more intentional you are, the more successful your event.


Create the perfect auction event


While choosing the right person to Captain the team of Procurement is extremely important, finding items to build an experience can make or break the success of your auction. Try to find experiences that they can’t just go on the internet to find for themselves. If you auction a package for an all-expenses-paid trip to Cozumel, Mexico is easy to book alone. But if you build in items such as luggage, swimsuits and a digital camera will create more of an experience appeal and will broaden what the package is worth and will ultimately land a much higher bid. Take the time to get creative with the items you are given and you will see your final fundraising campaign number go up!

Our last tip is to focus on good communication. This means between you and your team, and you and your community. Keep the energy level high and keep the information needed in front of people. Reach your community with announcements via email, printed items, phone and social media. Reach your team with texts, personal phone calls or by sending a note of thanks and appreciation. Keeping the lines of communication open with your team will result in a better run auction/gala. The more you keep your organization and community informed, the more excitement and engagement will result.

Following these tips are just a start. For more on how to run an event, feel free to explore our other blogs. And if you’re interested in developing the best possible team of volunteers you can muster, click on the banner below to get our free ebook on building and strengthening your group of volunteers.

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