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Find Your Why for Your Fundraising Strategy

by Bonnie Larson on 12/10/19 6:30 AM

Building a sustainable annual fundraising event requires a personal yet unified investment in the ‘Why’ behind the vision. In his Ted Talk Simon Sinek discusses the importance of answering the...

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How to Tell Your Organization's Story in a Way that Someone will Listen

by Bonnie Larson on 9/17/19 6:30 AM

We all have things that we’re passionate about. Some of us, it’s sports teams. Others, it’s our families. Still others we talk about where we serve in our communities. And when we’re passionate...

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Starting the School Year Strong

by Bonnie Larson on 7/23/19 6:30 AM

School is just around the corner and it’s more important than ever to be prepared. Most of the time when we think about preparing for the school year, we’re talking about curriculum, school...

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3 Steps to Improve Your Leadership Style

by Bonnie Larson on 4/2/19 6:30 AM

The idea of servant leadership has started to gain momentum in a lot of big name corporations. There’s a shift from one person at the top pointing out what needs to be done to the idea of coaching...

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Leading a Team

by Bonnie Larson on 2/26/19 6:30 AM

“The question, ‘Who ought to be the boss’ is like asking,’ Who ought to be the tenor in the quartet? Obviously, the man who can sing tenor!‘” – Henry Ford

The person (or board) who asked you to...

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Service-Learning Projects – Why They’ll Work for Your Students!

by Bonnie Larson on 2/19/19 6:30 AM

The most successful fundraising event in recent years has been a Feed the Need event, where students are sponsored (much like a Walk-a-Thon) to pack 10,000 meals for a third-world country. Whether...

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How to Prepare a Stunning Year-End Fund Appeal

by Bonnie Larson on 12/4/18 6:30 AM

Approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs at year-end, making it possibly the easiest time to attract new donors and raise money for your cause. Consider these 10 tips as you prepare your...

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Fighting Volunteer Burnout

by Bonnie Larson on 10/1/18 6:30 AM

Everyone wants great volunteers and we all know that sourcing and recruiting great them can be difficult. We also know that with all of the effort that we put into getting the volunteers in the...

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Avoid Volunteer Negativity in 3 Easy Steps

by Bonnie Larson on 9/24/18 6:30 AM

Did you know that a negative attitude is NINE times more powerful than a positive one?

We all have been around people who seem to carry a cloud of negativity with them wherever they go. What can...

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Get 300 New Donors in 90 Days

by Bonnie Larson on 1/8/18 5:30 AM

The lifeblood of every nonprofit is new donors and you may be surprised that one of the best ways to acquire new donors in a hurry is by holding pledge or auction events. How do you make that...

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