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5 Amazing Ideas to Make Your Next Walk-a-Thon Amazing

by Clay Collie on 9/3/18 6:30 AM

Walk-a-thons are like any event. If you don’t make it new and interesting every year, your attendance will begin to wane. Below you’ll find 4 new ways to spruce up that next event that will help keep...

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Charity Auctions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

by Clay Collie on 8/27/18 6:30 AM

A charity auction can be an amazing event that brings in a lot of fundraising dollars...if it’s handled correctly. Below you’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly of charity auctions.

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Three steps to Creating a Fundraiser That Keeps People Coming Back

by Clay Collie on 2/26/18 5:30 AM

Creating an event that your constituents will look forward to each year is something that many organizations worry about. How do we keep people excited and keep them coming back? Or maybe more...

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Put an End to Small, Ineffective Fundraisers Forever!

by Clay Collie on 2/5/18 5:30 AM

What does your organization’s fundraising calendar look like? Is it full? Do you feel like you are constantly rushing from one fundraiser to the next? Are you tired of the stress of planning and...

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Is it Time for a Product Fundaiser?

by Clay Collie on 10/30/17 5:30 AM

So you want to raise significant money for your organization, right? Finding the right fundraiser can be a challenge. Do you go with the tried and true bake sales, BBQ dinners. If so, what happens...

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How Millennials view fundraising (It’s Not What You Think)

by Clay Collie on 9/4/17 5:30 AM

Take some time and think about all your perceptions of the millennial generation. You many have thought to yourself, they have a poor work ethic, they are self-obsessed, they are glued to their...

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5 Reasons why School Events Fail

by Clay Collie on 8/21/17 5:30 AM

Ever wonder why your school works so hard to raise money but has little show for it each year? I believe there are 5 reasons most events fail and thinking through these reasons can transform how you...

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