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What Should I Sell at My Silent Auction?

by Don Carmichael on 2/27/17 5:30 AM

So you’re having a silent auction but you don’t know what to auction off. Should you sell grandma’s famous homemade cookies? Does everything have to be a high ticket price item? What are the things...

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How to Fund Your Tuition Gap in a One-Day Major Fundraising Event

by Don Carmichael on 2/20/17 5:30 AM

If you’re like most Christian schools and private schools, tuition doesn’t cover your school’s entire operating need.  And this is a good thing in most cases.  In fact, most schools operate with an...

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6 Principles of Success for Exceptional Fundraisers

by Don Carmichael on 2/13/17 5:30 AM

Everyone has an idea on how to create the best fundraising event possible...but do you have a strategic, well thought out plan? Follow the six steps below and you will.

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Top Five Fundraising Events for Christian Schools

by Don Carmichael on 1/30/17 5:30 AM

I’ve spent over thirty years conducting major events to raise money for ministries and Christian schools. Over that time, I’ve found that these 5 fundraising events are consistently the most...

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What raises More Money - Product Sale Fundraisers or Major Fundraising Events?

by Don Carmichael on 1/9/17 5:30 AM

What raises more money – product sale fundraisers or major fundraising events?  The short answer is… major fundraising events, but it depends on the type of event.

Product sale fundraisers are the...

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Servathon Fundraising Event

by Don Carmichael on 11/28/16 5:30 AM

Servathon school fundraising events are highly effective fundraisers, especially for your millennial students, staff and families.  So, what are servathons?

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What are the Best School Fundraisers for Millennials?

by Don Carmichael on 11/21/16 5:30 AM


Have you ever found yourself asking any of these questions?

  • Who are millennials?
  • Why are millenials important to your school and your school fundraising? 
  • What are the best school fundraisers to...
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Reaching Millennials with your Fundraising Events

by Don Carmichael on 11/14/16 5:30 AM


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How to Eliminate ALL of Your Small School Fundraisers for an Entire Year

by Don Carmichael on 8/4/16 12:35 PM


When was the last time you heard one of your parents or volunteers enthusiastically exclaim, “Wow! We get to do another fundraiser!”

Doesn’t happen, right?  Just the thought of hearing this...

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How to find 300 new donors in 90 days

by Don Carmichael on 7/20/16 12:10 PM




What’s the big deal about new donors?  Everything!

New donors are the life-blood of every nonprofit organization.  Whether your organization is a community charity, a Christian ministry, a...

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