Edna Wilson

Edna Wilson serves at the Champion Group as Vice President. Mrs. Wilson has over 20 years in fundraising and Nonprofit management experience. She also studied Philanthropy at Rollins College in Orlando, FL. She has personally managed over 200 fundraising events with an extraordinary dedication and level of excellence.

Recent Posts

How to Avoid the Top 3 Worst Shooting Tournament Mistakes

by Edna Wilson on 5/21/19 6:30 AM

Putting on an event takes a lot of energy, effort and care. The last thing you want is to miss a small detail that derails the whole event. We identified the three most common mistakes you can make...

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How to Lead a Fundraiser from a 30k Foot View

by Edna Wilson on 4/23/19 6:30 AM

Let me ask you a question. How many fundraising events has the majority of the work been done by one person? Now, how many fundraisers has that one person been you? If you said none, you either don’t...

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Make Your Donors Feel Appreciated in 5 Easy Steps

by Edna Wilson on 1/22/19 6:00 AM

Being able to maintain a good relationship with your donors can feel like it’s half luck, half alchemy. But, really, donor relations are like any other relationship. They take time to cultivate and...

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How One Small Non-Profit Raised Big Money

by Edna Wilson on 1/15/19 6:30 AM

Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a 70-year old Christian ministry based in Denver that serves 17,000 military officers and their families. OCF was introduced to the Top Gun Sporting Clay...

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3 Tips on Maximizing Your Personal Fundraiser

by Edna Wilson on 12/18/18 6:30 AM

Committing to participating in a fundraiser is committing to giving up time. Life is already busy enough, so if it was important enough for you to give up your time, it’s important enough to do it...

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Do incentives help stimulate greater fundraising?

by Edna Wilson on 12/11/18 6:30 AM

You bet they do! Your participants are making a big commitment to fundraise for you. Most will stop at the end of their comfort zone; few will exceed it. But, by offering an incentive to each person...

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Create a Smooth Checkout Experience for Your Next Charity Auction

by Edna Wilson on 11/6/18 6:30 AM

Going, Going, Gone....some of my favorite words in a charity auction! I love the thrill of the fight and the sweet smell of victory when I finally win that piece of artwork I wanted from the second I...

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Are Fun Runs Actually Fun?

by Edna Wilson on 10/29/18 6:30 AM

Of course fun runs are fun. Otherwise, it would be false advertising. The question you should be asking yourself is are your Fun Runs actually accomplishing what they should?

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Turning Your Next Fundraiser into a Cause

by Edna Wilson on 4/10/18 5:30 AM

Each school, non-profit or other organization has a mission statement. It’s a rallying cry to gather around and strive for in order to accomplish a common goal. At the beginning of any organization,...

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Three Easy Ways to Increase Donor Retention

by Edna Wilson on 4/2/18 5:30 AM

Donor retention is a problem for most non-profits.  Many donors will only give one gift. This can happen for a number of reasons. The donors can find themselves supporting the cause in a different...

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