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4 Ways to Boost Your Board's Fundraising

by Emily Hergert on 11/19/19 6:30 AM

Being a board member in an organization grants you a unique platform and opportunity to influence the rest of the members of the organization. When it comes to fundraisers, this platform being...

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4 Simple Steps to a Successful Year-End Giving Campaign

by Emily Hergert on 10/8/19 6:30 AM

Many organizations avoid the end of the year when it comes to fundraising, thinking that people may be too busy or not be as willing or as able to give during the holiday season. The truth is,...

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3 Ways Mobile Giving Can Boost Your Fundraising

by Emily Hergert on 6/4/19 6:30 AM

It was easy to dismiss smartphones as a fad 10 years ago, but now they’re not just here to stay, it’s difficult to imagine life without them. We use them to check our weather, order items online,...

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How Do I Get Men Involved as Volunteers?

by Emily Hergert on 1/30/19 6:30 AM

You’ve been trying for months to get volunteers and you’re down to the wire. You put out a last minute ask praying for someone, anyone to sign up. Who are your typically your best responders?...

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The Best Way To Ask For Donations May Surprise You...But It Shouldn't

by Emily Hergert on 7/16/18 6:30 AM

Direct face to face asks for donations are easily the most effective way to get a donation. It can also be the scariest, but it doesn’t have to be. Studies have shown that a personal, face-to-face...

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Stopping Donor Fatigue Before It Starts

by Emily Hergert on 7/2/18 6:30 AM

Are your donors feeling burned out? Are you noticing a decrease in your organization’s fundraising success?

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How to Write a Fundraising Letter that Will Yield Results

by Emily Hergert on 6/11/18 6:30 AM

Raising funds can be difficult in the best of times, but what if you are trying to raise funds with a letter writing campaign? How do you write a letter that doesn’t feel like junk mail? Here are...

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Top Five Fundraising Events You Must Try

by Emily Hergert on 2/4/18 2:06 PM

Have you been running the same fundraisers year after year? Don’t get caught in a fundraiser rut! There are so many exciting fundraising events that are fresh, fun and most importantly, profitable!

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Three Ways to Say Thank You to Volunteers

by Emily Hergert on 1/15/18 5:30 AM

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most organizations, especially when it comes to fundraising. From the planning stages to event execution, volunteers play a major role in successfully carrying out...

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