Kent Wallace

Kent Wallace is the President of Champion Events and has over 23 years of experience working with non-profit organizations.

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How to Avoid Donor Fatigue

by Kent Wallace on 4/3/17 5:30 AM

Have you ever heard your donors say; “You have got to be kidding me, you are seriously asking me for money again?!?!” or “Every time I hear from this organization, or open a letter from this...

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4 Tips for Motivating Your Volunteers

by Kent Wallace on 2/6/17 9:33 AM

I get it, you are staring at a bunch of blank faces around the room as you survey this team of volunteers that you have begged, borrowed and stolen from every area of their  lives to assist you with...

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5 Keys to Leading a Successful Fundraiser

by Kent Wallace on 1/23/17 5:30 AM

We talk a lot about running a well thought out and effective fundraiser on this blog. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen well planned fundraiser flounder because of a lack of true...

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3 Tips to Creating a Good Silent Auction

by Kent Wallace on 12/19/16 5:30 AM

Putting on a silent auction seems simple. Get prize baskets. Print off sheets. Find people to silently bid on your prize baskets. And voila! You’ve generated money for your non-profit. But while the...

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The Four Stages of a Donor

by Kent Wallace on 12/12/16 5:30 AM

It has been my experience that every donor travels through four stages of giving:

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The Art of the Year-End Appeal Letter

by Kent Wallace on 12/5/16 5:30 AM

Ok it is year-end, and you must write that dreaded year-end appeal letter again. How and what do I say that I have not already said before? More importantly, how do I say something that is appealing...

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3 Steps to Creating Sustainable Annual Events

by Kent Wallace on 11/7/16 5:30 AM

When I hosted my first golf marathon, I realized that the market was getting saturated with golf events.  I purposely differentiated our event from everyone else to make sure that my target...

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3 Steps to Making Your School Fundraising Event Profitable

by Kent Wallace on 10/31/16 5:30 AM

Make your School fundraising event profitable (ROI)

Let’s be honest, the reason we hold fundraisers is to raise money. But often we spend so much time actually creating the fundraiser that we may end...

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3 Steps to a Focused and Relevant Event

by Kent Wallace on 10/24/16 5:30 AM

If you really want to make your fundraiser successful, you need to make it focused and relevant. How? Well here are three easy steps to get you started.Know What the Event is About.

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