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3 Common Challenges of Nonprofit Leaders and How to Overcome Them

by Regina Earwood on 11/5/19 6:30 AM

As a non-profit leader you have a large number of things on your plate at any given time. You’re trying to balance budgets, projects, fundraising, volunteers and staff morale. It’s an incredibly...

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4 Traits of an Ideal Board Member

by Regina Earwood on 9/10/19 6:30 AM

Board members are critical to the success of any organization. Building a board is a lot like putting together a puzzle. You are looking for people with various different gifts and abilities to make...

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The 3 Toxic Traits of Gossip in your School

by Regina Earwood on 7/16/19 6:21 AM

Gossip can seem harmless at first, but when it’s allowed to spread the effects spread far and wide. In this blog are three of the harmful effects gossip can have on your school as well as steps you...

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Top Tricks for a Successful Charity Auction that You Won't Want to Miss

by Regina Earwood on 9/17/18 6:30 AM

Charity auctions can be some of the most profitable events for nonprofit organizations, but they take experienced volunteers and time to plan. This includes soliciting auction items and booking a...

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Is Your Board Helping or Hurting Your Organization?

by Regina Earwood on 7/30/18 6:30 AM

Boards are incredibly important to any organization, but especially non-profits. Strong board leadership is vital to organization successes especially in the area of fundraising.

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Avoid These 3 Big Mistakes at Your Next Charity Auction

by Regina Earwood on 7/9/18 6:30 AM

Charity auctions often have many moving parts. To help your next auction event be a huge success, you must avoid these three mistakes.

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How to Host Your Very Own Power Serve-a-Thon

by Regina Earwood on 4/16/18 6:30 AM

Are you looking to raise money for your school or organization as well as serve your community?  A “PowerServe Serveathon” may be just what you are looking for. Servathons (service project based...

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Pledge Driven Campaigns 101

by Regina Earwood on 12/12/17 5:30 AM

Does a running a pledge driving campaign sound complicated to you?  Well it did to me at first, but then I began to learn from others and research a bit and it really is simple.

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Why Cheap Tournament Gifts are a Mistake

by Regina Earwood on 9/18/17 5:30 AM

Have you ever raised funds for an organization and had nothing to show for it? Or worse, have you worked hard to support an organization only to receive a half hearted, cheap token of appreciation?...

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11 Secrets to Better Board Involvement

by Regina Earwood on 9/11/17 5:30 AM

Everybody has a different experience with their board. Some of you have incredibly involved boards who completely support you. Others have disengaged boards, or boards who are critical of any new...

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