Charity Auctions: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Posted by Clay Collie on 8/27/18 6:30 AM

A charity auction can be an amazing event that brings in a lot of fundraising dollars...if it’s handled correctly. Below you’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly of charity auctions.

The Good

Auctions can be a great way to bring in long term big donors when done correctly. You are able to provide a fun night of entertainment as well as the opportunity to connect their hearts to your organization. This is also a chance to re-engage former donors by showing them the impact you are still making as a organization.

The Bad

The bad thing about Auctions is not really that bad. To put a charity auction together well, it will take a lot of work. Some things that go into your auction are procuring and pricing silent and live auction items to selling tables and lining up all the decorations for the event day.

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The Ugly

Things can go wrong with any event, so don’t let this section scare you. With a charity auction event, you have multiple variables that all need to line up and no matter how much planning you have, one probably will go wrong. But take heart! Every event is bound to have something go wrong. People will be looking to you to see how things are going. As long as you are able to keep a positive attitude and think on your feet, there is no problem too big that you cannot get through.

When considering your next event don’t let the Bad and the Ugly scare you from the Good of doing an Auction. Just remember, you cannot control every variable, but you can control how you react around each one. Keeping that in mind, you’ll create an event for the ages!


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