Create a Smooth Checkout Experience for Your Next Charity Auction

Posted by Edna Wilson on 11/6/18 6:30 AM

Going, Going, Gone....some of my favorite words in a charity auction! I love the thrill of the fight and the sweet smell of victory when I finally win that piece of artwork I wanted from the second I walked into the venue! What a rush...but then, it happens. It's time to go home and this amazing evening is ruined because of the CHECKOUT LINE! All of my good feelings are gone because the event is over and I’m stuck waiting for 30-40 minutes for to pay for my items and leave. There are few things more depressing than watching the cleanup crew go about their business while I’m standing in a line that probably shouldn’t exist.

Here’s the good news. With these simple tips below, we can make sure that checkout lines are a thing of the past.

Have Several Checkout Stations

The best way to serve everyone quickly is to have a checkout station for every 30-50 guests. This is pretty basic, but if you want to avoid long lines, start by dividing the labor. Best way to slow things down. Make one person do all of the work.

Divide the Final Bid Forms by Bidder Number

Let the bidders know which line they'll be checking out in at the end of the night. This will ensure that your lines are even and that your checkout process is as smooth as possible.

Charity Auction Streamlining

Offer Delayed Payments

Obviously, this isn't a blanket solution. Off this option to those you know who you can trust. Put yourself in a position to offer the convenience to those who have been faithful and they’ll be grateful.

Use Technology

There are many programs out there that are designed for auctions and that will let your donors check out from their phones. Make use of it. It will make your night go much smoother.


I trust these tips will work well for you! The most important thing is to make sure you know that people end the night with a great experience...not just from the event itself, but from all of the little things you put together in the background to make everything as smooth as possible. As your donors leave the event ask yourself this question “Will they come back next year". Doing this will make sure that you create a night that they leave wanting to come to the next one.

The end of the year is quickly approaching and if you're not prepared, there's a good chance you'll miss out on donations that your organization desperately needs. But there's good news. It's not too late. Click below to watch our webinar on how you can ensure that this year end is your best yet. 

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