Creating an Effective and Impactful School Board

Posted by The Champion Group on 11/5/20 12:14 PM

Over the past 20 years, there has been a strong correlation observed between school boards’ actions and beliefs and student outcomes. In fact, politically motivated turnover on school boards is shown to decrease student achievement in some schools. Basically, your school board can either hurt or help your students.

Especially in times of uncertainty, it’s vital that your school board leads well and has a positive impact on your students. To ensure outward success for students and the community at large, your school board will need to turn inward—focusing on its own stability and governance. 

Use this guide to improve your school board from the ground up, and increase the positive outcomes for your students and school. 

Have an Intentional and Focused Mindset 

To improve student learning, your board will have to be intentional about their work, focused, and determined on student success. So, what does this look like? 

If your school board is intentional, they will be goal-oriented. This means that they’ll always be strategically taking steps toward a common goal while keeping long-term wellness and success in mind. Intentionality also requires the school board to consistently measure their own team health and any progress that is being made. 

If a school board is focused, that means they know what they’re doing and why: to achieve a common goal of success. These goals must always focus on the students as their number one priority. So, despite any problems that arise, an impactful school board always has the students’ success as the main focus of their goals. 

Intentional and focused school boards get the job done and improve student learning. Establish a culture of intentionality and focus on your school board to ensure student success. 

Self-Assess Regularly 

Practicing regular self-assessment promotes accountability within your school board. This accountability is how the board monitors how well it’s performing. It will also reveal any shortcomings or internal obstacles that the board is facing. This self-awareness will help your school board make more effective goals, be aware of any internal problems, and ultimately function better as a team. 

Growing and Learning Together 

Board success ultimately rides on how well its members function, learn, and grow as a team. A culture of focus and intentionality promotes this camaraderie, and regular self-assessment helps keep it in check. 

Push your school board to learn as a team, to ask questions, to discuss, and even to disagree at times. When you’ve established this culture, your board will learn and grow together. Your school board should constantly be trying to improve itself, how it functions internally, and its students’ success. Equip your team with a culture of success by promoting growth and learning together. 

Have Questions? 

Having an impactful and effective school board is vital for your school’s success and foundational for any fundraising efforts you have. At The Champion Group, we’ve been working with school boards and administrators since 1990. We know what a quality school board looks like. If your school or organization is in need of fundraising and you aren’t sure where to start, contact us today. We’ll equip you with the strategies and tactics essential for your success!

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