Do incentives help stimulate greater fundraising?

Posted by Edna Wilson on 12/11/18 6:30 AM

You bet they do! Your participants are making a big commitment to fundraise for you. Most will stop at the end of their comfort zone; few will exceed it. But, by offering an incentive to each person who reaches your goal, many will push on beyond their normal comfort zone. You may still only have a handful who reach the goal, but many others will have increased their fundraising totals.

We’ve found vacation trips and cruises to be broadly appealing and effective incentives. If your goals are high enough, and if vacation packages are purchased at a reasonable price, the added funds generated will more than make up the cost.But what about students? Younger students are easier to motivate. They need less to motivate them. Often an ice cream treat, a squishy frog that lights up or the promise of a class-wide pajama party will get you all the motivation you need.


Incentive Cruise


Middle and High School are a little more challenging. The students are all about hanging out with friends and embarrassing their teachers. So use that! If a teacher is willing to take a pie in the face for the cause...use it! We find “hangout cafe” type rewards work really well too.

Whatever age group you are trying to motivate, remember to make it about them.Think about what they would want or need and act on it. The best incentives are ones that speak specifically to your audience’s age and interests.

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