Do You Have the Right Year End Giving Campaign?

Posted by Don Carmichael on 10/22/18 6:30 AM

Your year-end has the potential to be your best time of giving, but if you aren’t prepared for it, then you won’t be able to use it to its full potential. Below you’ll find a step by step plan that will ensure that this year end will be your best!

Make Your Plan.  

Evaluate your current donor base and segment your donors into three categories based on how much each person gives – your Top Donors (top 20%), your Mid-Tier Donors (next 30%) and your Bottom Tier Donors (bottom 50%). This will help you craft communication for each group that clearly communicates how they can best impact your organization in your year-end.  

Create and Theme Your Campaign Communications.  

Craft your year-end appeal communications to all your donors and mailing list.  Your communications appeal should include coordinated direct mail, email, social media and website.  Statistics show much higher donation response rates when your appeal includes branding through special logo, theme, and stories.  Make sure your ask is clear and tied to directly helping the people you serve. Also, make sure your online appeals include a process for easy online giving.

End of year giving campaings


Secure Matching Funds for Year-End Donations.  

Approach some of your top donors to see if they would be willing to match the donations given to your year-end appeal campaign.  Let each donor that he or she can set whatever ceiling or limit they choose to the size of their match. Personally reaching out to each of these donors will increase your success rate dramatically..

High-Touch Your Larger Donors.  

For your upper tier donors, more personal contacts should be included in your campaign strategy.  In addition to the direct mail, email and social media appeals that target your entire mailing list, send handwritten notes and personally phone your Mid-Tier Donors.  And in addition to all of these communication touches, schedule personal visitations from one of your organization’s executives (executive director, head of school or board member) with all of your local Top Donors.

Conduct a Fall Crowd-Funding Event.  

All of the previous tips are focused on getting your existing supporters and mailing list members to give.  Many organizations have combined their year-end appeal communications with conducting a crowd-funding event in which participants each raise money through personal friends and family (like walkathons).  The advantage of conducting these types of events is that your supporters are also affected by the generosity of the season, and not only do they tend to engage more fully in these events but also donors tend to give more money.

If this plan isn’t for you, that’s fine, but if you want to take full advantage of the best giving time of the year, make sure you go into it with a plan starting today. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on a significant opportunity.

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