Four Questions to Test Your Leadership

Posted by Don Carmichael on 8/27/19 6:30 AM

Being a good leader of an organization is simple but not easy. Below we've included four different things to look at to see if you're successfully leading your organization.

Are You Open?

I've met several non-profit leaders who have felt that the best policy was to keep their cards close to their chest. The problem with this strategy is that your organization will feel constantly lost and adrift. Or, when a big change suddenly rears it's head, they'll feel lied to. Remember that what makes your organization run is its donors and staff. You should be trying to get them on board with your vision, while giving them updates on how that vision is taking shape for good or ill. That will let them know where they can best put their efforts to ensure your organization is ready to succeed.

Are You Honest?

This goes hand in hand with being open, but when you're asked a question, answer it honestly. Too many organizations get in over their heads when they constantly try to project a rosy outlook when really there are storm clouds on the horizon. The only thing that happens from hiding the truth is the problems become much more serious. It's perfectly acceptable to tell someone that you are limited in the information you can give. It's never acceptable to tell half or partial truths. Those decisions will come back to haunt you.


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Are You Prepared?

If you're a planner, you've got this covered. For others, this is a little more difficult. Make sure that you are organized. You have donors, staff and volunteers depending on you. If you aren't ready for meetings, if you don't know where your finances sit on a daily basis, you are doing both your organization and yourself a disservice. A good question to ask yourself is do you know what needs to happen over the next three months if you were to suddenly disappear. If this question throws you into a panic there's a good chance you aren't as prepared as you initially thought.

Are You Ready?

If being prepared is having all of your ducks in a row, being ready is being ready the mental side of preparedness. Things can happen at light speed, you can get or lose a new donor at the drop of a hat. You never know what could be around the corner. You can prepare all you want but if you are not mentally ready for the change, there's a good chance that opportunity will pass you by.

So how can you start being ready? Prepare your mind for best and worst options every morning before you walk in. Accept that either could happen and start putting a what if plan together if it does. You never know when it will come in handy.

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