Fundraising Simplified: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

Posted by Jill Belknap on 10/29/19 6:30 AM

I don’t know anyone who enjoys fundraising. It’s difficult to ask for money, especially when there are so many worthy organizations and causes that people can give to. Why would they give to you?

What if, instead of looking at fundraising as just “asking for money,” you approach fundraising as a long-term partnership between the organization, donors and sponsors?

Generally, people want to support a worthy cause and build relationships with organizations that are making a difference. Tap into this desire by sharing why you support your cause and what your organization is doing to move that cause forward. Invite them to join what you’re doing, not only with a donation, but also by being a part of your event.

To be able to support your asks, you need to be donating towards your own fundraising goal. When you ask others to donate and they see that you have already given, they know that it’s an important cause to you. Often, people will match what you’ve donated, so be generous!


Getting new donors and sponsors can be the perfect piece to your fundraising puzzle.


If you’re reaching out to businesses for a sponsorship or in-kind donations, make a personal ask face-to-face and offer something of value in return. The easiest things to offer are advertising and brand presence but be prepared to talk about numbers of what you need and how many people will be exposed to their brand. Know that in-kind donations not only save your event a lot of money, but they can also greatly benefit the donor since often people will switch to brands that support a good cause.

You’ll also have a higher success rate if you have personal asks with individual donors as well. Don’t just make an announcement on social media or send out group emails. If you’re using a texting platform or a fundraising website, start with a one-on-one conversation by text, email or a phone call before resorting to mass communication. If they don’t respond right away, follow up. You’ll be surprised how many people will respond to a simple reminder.

Finally, always say “Thank you!” Let your sponsors and donors know how grateful you are for their contribution and how it has impacted your organization. Try to share specific stories of impact so they can truly see how they’ve made a difference.

By following these simple tips, you should be able to transform your next fundraiser from something to be endured into an exciting, fulfilling, financially successful endeavor.

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