How One Small Non-Profit Raised Big Money

Posted by Edna Wilson on 1/15/19 6:30 AM

Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a 70-year old Christian ministry based in Denver that serves 17,000 military officers and their families. OCF was introduced to the Top Gun Sporting Clay Challenge event program through a Champion presentation. Once they heard of the Sporting Clay Challenge they tried to launch one on their own. While they wanted to run it on their own, we maintained a positive and supportive relationship and wished them success as they planned the event. Three months later, OCF called back and admitted that the event was not quite as effective as they had wanted it to be. They had not appreciated all the processes required to effectively recruit and motivate fundraising participants.

Now OCF had a second request: $250,000 was needed to complete a dormitory expansion at their retreat facility in the Rockies and they wanted to know if could we could help them create a unique national event where ten team leaders would each bring $25,000 to the table to complete a capital campaign project? It was obvious the major draw the Colorado Rockies offered and we suggested that an Adventure Event be created that would have especially strong appeal to men. Understanding that the heart of a man longs for a battle to fight, a beauty to win and an adventure to live (John Eldridge – Wild At Heart), Champion created an Extreme Challenge adventure event series of three annual events. Two of these events (Race to The Summit and Over The Top Challenge) were conducted in the Rockies. The third event (The Grand Portage Adventure) was conducted in the Canadian Lakes Boundary Waters.

non profit raises big money


Given the challenges of mobilizing a geographically diverse support base, Champion used website and video technologies to drive national engagement. We created custom materials that were electronically distributed and created opportunities for participants to raise money through automated three-year pledges.

The end-result of this custom Adventure Event strategy? Over $360,000 raised on the first event, and a total of over $750,000 raised from all three events. That’s triple the amount needed!

Our goal is to make sure that we are helping you make the most of your fundraising resources by planning and building events that work best for your organization. Who knows, maybe you could be the next Officer’s Christian Fellowship!

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