How to Host Your Very Own Power Serve-a-Thon

Posted by Regina Earwood on 4/16/18 6:30 AM

Are you looking to raise money for your school or organization as well as serve your community?  A “PowerServe Serveathon” may be just what you are looking for. Servathons (service project based fundraisers) always bring positive recognition to your school or organization.

Here’s how the fundraising works for a school. You choose which service projects your organization is going to send people to during the chosen date. A month before the event your supporters will reach out to their network asking for donations. On the day of the event, you send your supporters to the various service projects with the encouragement that they are making a difference both for the recipient of the service project as well as your organization. That night, host a celebration time rewarding your supporters for their hard work by serving them and letting them see the impact their hard work brought about.

power servathon

Here’s also an overview of how a PowerServe Servathon can operate::

How It Works

  • Students are assigned to a service project and are transported to different locations throughout the community on servathon day.
  • A Location Transportation Captain organizes the entire event with the help of activity coordinators: securing locations, assigning students, recruiting drivers, informing parents, securing items for projects.
  • A separate classroom captain helps the students through their letter fundraising campaign.
  • Many schools have a celebration time either right after the servathon or on a completely separate day. The idea is to have a time to celebrate what the students accomplished during their service to others and through fundraising.

Project Ideas

  • Indoor: Visiting nursing homes and elderly individuals (sing, play games, read, manicures, pedicures); sorting items at clothes closets; children’s hospital; local food pantry or food kitchen; prepare care packages for military; painting or repairs at the school buildings; take a meal to shut-ins, to the volunteer fire department
  • Outdoor: community clean-up; gardening and landscaping; planting flowers or trees for individuals or community parks/buildings, yard services for shut-ins, painting fire hydrants, picking up trash in public places, etc.


  • Ideal for demonstrating values in action: selflessness, servanthood, giving,
  • Families can participate
  • The focus is helping your community, not just your organization
  • Opportunity for media coverage
  • Servathons are one of the least expensive events that a school can do and usually have the greatest impact.
  • The celebration event after the servathon improves morale and allows people to appreciate your organization even more.
  • Servathons can be done anytime throughout the year, even in colder months.
  • Very inexpensive to hold.
  • Even schools with lower financial results have been very thrilled about the event itself.

People give to people they know, and people are always typically very interested in seeing children and young people give back to their community.  A “PowerServe Serveathon” is a win – win for everyone!

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