Is it Time to Rethink Your Sports Team's Fundraising Strategy?

Posted by Shelby Wade on 11/20/18 9:45 AM

Fundraising for youth sports can be a bit tricky. Dues never cover all the expenses of the club, but finding a fundraiser that works can be difficult.

Product sales are often times a logistical nightmare and parents end up bearing the brunt of the costs both in money out of pocket and time spent trying to get the products sold. Unfortunately, it feels like every time that youth sports teams are looking to raise money, they go straight to product fundraising asking more of the parents who give so much. The good news is that there are more options than just selling candy bars!

Crowdfunding events not only raise more money than product fundraisers, they also give you an opportunity to make a greater impact. See below for all of the benefits that a Feed the Need crowdfunding event can bring to your sports team!



On average Feed the Need events range from $50,000-150,000. We recently worked with a lacrosse club that raised $114,000 with only 101 boys. That’s over $1,000 per participant.


Reduce Club Dues

No one loves to do fundraising, so we recommend offering incentives for your participants. Typically we offer two types: fun incentive and practical incentive, like reducing club dues by a predetermined percentage for those who raise a certain amount.

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Local Community Service

We send 1,500 meals to our local community food bank or desired location. This means that our impact goes beyond just the sports team. It starts impacting your outside community.


International Outreach

Over 8,500 meals are distributed to one of our five international partners: Haiti, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Bangladesh. It’s a great way to not only raise money, it’s a good way to teach your athletes about the importance of global awareness.


Media Appeal

Due to the outreach element to our event, it creates a huge media appeal that will ultimately help with the exposure and development of the club.


Athlete Development

As coaches, it is our aim to holistically develop our athletes to be excellent on and off the court. I believe this service opportunity gives them a tangible, hands on experience to serve others in need and create a lasting impact on our athletes.


You can spend the next season trying to convince your parents to sell candy bars again, or you can make a choice to cover your expenses while helping those who need it most. The choice is yours.


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