Is Your Board Helping or Hurting Your Organization?

Posted by Regina Earwood on 7/30/18 6:30 AM

Boards are incredibly important to any organization, but especially non-profits. Strong board leadership is vital to organization successes especially in the area of fundraising.

Let’s look at 5 secrets to improve that leadership:

  • Build Trust with your Board. For your organization to have true, sustainable growth, your board must be open to new ideas of fundraising. But it’s not your board’s responsibility to build trust with you. It’s actually yours. You need to make sure you are presenting the board with clearly defined ideas that have multiple ways to measure success at each point. by choosing to present an idea to your board in this way you are laying the groundwork for future Is Your Board Helping Your Organizationtrust.
  • Make sure you have the right board. As much as it’s in your power, you need to be able to ensure that the board members who are appointed are people who believe in the mission of your organization and want to see it expand. If you have people who are just sitting on your board because they’re bored (pardon the pun) then you should be looking elsewhere. A motivated board will push you, but they’ll also be focused on your organization’s overall success, which is a very good thing..
  • Board members must be willing to spend time together and communicate with each other. A motivated board is invested in your organization’s long-term success. If the only time they are discussing your organization is when they’re at meetings, you have a problem. Make sure your board is sharing ideas and concerns even when they are not scheduled to be meeting. You’ll find that the more excited they are about your organization, the more your organization will start gaining momentum.
  • Teach your board members how to fundraise. If they truly care about your organization, they should be some of the first to ask their network to support what you’re trying to do. Schedule a couple of sessions with each board member to see how they can best bring in support for your organization.
  • Use your board’s skills to your organization’s advantage. Board Members are most often people of influence. They can increase their effectiveness in the organization by using their unique skills, experience, and networks.

If you follow these 5 steps you’ll be well on your way to having an organization that is thriving, not merely surviving.

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