Leading with Intention

Posted by Shelby Wade on 10/22/19 6:30 AM

Being in charge does not make you a leader. A leader is someone who is able to get people to follow without having to demand. We’ve all met these kind of leaders. Maybe you’re already an intentional leader but as we all know, as a leader you never stop growing. Here are three basic tips to get you started.


To be able to lead others, you first must be sure that you are worth following. Do you lead with integrity or do you expect more from others than you expect from yourself? Are you someone who always tries to be at the front of the line or are you the first to serve? By making sure that you are someone who is worth follow bng, you’ll find that it’s much easier to lead.

Your Mission

I’ve met several people who may be worthy of following but they’ve hitched their cart to the wrong horse. Ask yourself, is your mission worth following? When you’re asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars, is it because you are just trying to keep the lights on or are you actually making a difference? Trying to convince people to follow you when it’s just paying the bills is a good way to create disinterest and disengagement. Make sure that even if you aren’t able to do it this week, you are always keeping the big picture of what you do in mind. This will make it much easier for people to hop on and start leading themselves.

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Your Style

What is your style? Are you top dog, asking people to follow you because of your position? Are you a consensus leader, trying to make sure that everyone agrees before you take the first step? Different people respond to different styles, but the best thing you can do, no matter what style you naturally fit into something that always resonates with those you lead is humility. Make sure that you are able to accept criticism and also hold people accountable for their actions.

No matter what kind of leader you are, we all have room for improvement. In my experience, the best, most motivational leaders are able to balance a receptiveness to feedback while driving towards a big goal.

What kind of leadership are you drawn to? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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