Sporting Clay Shoots: Raise Major Dollars With a Blast

Posted by Don Carmichael on 5/15/17 5:30 AM

If your organization has been doing the same hum-drum fundraising events as everyone else – golf tournaments, 5K’s, banquets, walkathons – you should give serious consideration to hosting a Sporting Clay Shoot.

Most communities are filled with the same types of fundraising events.  As a result, it’s very difficult for a school or nonprofit organization to create a unique and exciting event that has sizzle and wow-factor.

So if you’re interested in a major fundraising event that is fun, different and novel, a Sporting Clay Shoot may be just the ticket to drive some excitement and energy.  In fact, every one of your participants is guaranteed to have a BLAST!

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How Sporting Clay Shoot Events Work

The Sporting Clay event is one of several events that involve shooting a small hard-clay disk, called a skeet, with a shotgun.  Of the various skeet- based events (trap, skeet, sporting clays), sporting clays is the most fun for shooters.  Events are conducted a sporting clay facilities, which are located throughout the country.

Sporting Clay Shoots are very similar to golf events in many respects.  In both events, participants ride golf carts and keep scores with a scorecard.  In a Sporting Clay Shoot, each participant is shooting at a total of 50 – 100 targets and mark their scorecards with either a “hit” or “miss” mark.  Participants shoot from 10-20 stations similar to golfers playing 18 holes.


Why Sporting Clay Shoots are Superior to Golf Events

Even though Sporting Clay Shoots were inspired by golf, they are a much superior to golf events.  Here are some strategic reasons why clay shoots are superior to golf events for fundraising:

  1. Sporting Clay Shoots have no barrier to entry – anyone can participate in a clay shoot as long as they can pull a trigger. Given that only 15% of adults can play golf, clay shoots give you the ability to appeal to your entire base of supporters.
  1. Sporting Clay Shoots are much more interesting and appealing. Few people have participated in a clay shoot, meaning they have much more intrigue and appeal for most people than golf tournaments.   In most communities, golf has lost its luster and has become very common.
  1. Sporting Clay Shoots cost less money for an organization to put on.
  1. Sporting Clay Shoots take less time to conduct. A sporting clay event takes about two hours to play, whereas a golf tournament usually takes close to five hours to play.  This allows people who aren’t able to commit to a whole day event to participate.
  1. Sporting Clay Shoots have the potential to appeal to overall wealthier participants.  The average clay shooter has a 40% HIGHER income than the average golfer.

How Sporting Clay Shoots Can Maximize Dollars Raised

The most successful Sporting Clay Shoots are not entry-fee events but fundraising events. 

With most clay shoots, the typical revenue model involves shooter entry fees plus corporate sponsors.  The most common entry fee in clay-shooting events is $75 per shooter. 

An entry fee event sounds great until you do the math.  By the time you back out that shooter’s facility fee expense ($35 - $55), food ($15 - $30) and gifts ($15 - $30), your actual net profit on the $75 entry fee is often just $25 or less. 

In other words, you’re typically spending up to 80% of the entry fee on expenses, and even if you have 100 shooters in your traditional-model charity clay shoot event, at $25 profit per shooter, you’ve only made $2,500.  This is a horrible use of time and money.  This inefficient fundraising model is also the reason why the average charity clay shoot in America raises less than $5,000 in profit.

The revenue model we use in Champion sporting clay shoots is fundamentally different. 

Instead of writing an entry fee check (that leaves $25 in profit), most Champion shooters are seeking to raise a fundraising goal of $2,500 per shooter.  The average fundraising shooter raises approximately $1,750 – which after expenses leaves over $1,650 in profit to your organization.  In other words, one fundraising shooter (at $1,650 profit) produces the same bottom-line profit as approximately 60+ entry fee shooters (at $25 profit each).  And just like entry fee events, you can add corporate sponsors to sporting clay shoots.



If your school or nonprofit organization is looking for a major fundraising event that can not only raise significant money but also is fun, out-of-the-box and has huge WOW factor, consider conducting a Sporting Clay Shoot. 

Sporting Clay events are easy to organize, only take about three months to plan and create a draw that usually brings many new people and donors into a financial relationship with your organization.  Because virtually nobody LIKES to fundraise, creating a FUN event with high WOW factor is a great way to involve people in the fundraising process to ultimately drive significant funding to your mission.

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