The 3 Toxic Traits of Gossip in your School

Posted by Regina Earwood on 7/16/19 6:21 AM

Gossip can seem harmless at first, but when it’s allowed to spread the effects spread far and wide. In this blog are three of the harmful effects gossip can have on your school as well as steps you can take to stop it before it spreads.

Gossip Destroys Relationships

Gossip among your faculty and staff will destroy relationships and build walls among them and will impact the mental and emotional well-being of the person being spoken about. Instead of hoping that this problem just goes away, set the standard with your staff before it gets started. Students need to trust the school leadership. There are many teachers that have as much or more influence on a student as their own parents. If they set the example that gossip is unacceptable, you’ll find that your students will often follow.

Gossip Causes Discipline Issues with Students

Gossiping often turns into bullying which leads to behavioral issues both with the students doing the bullying and the ones who were being bullied. Make sure you address both parties and create support structures for the students who have been the subject of gossip. Often the students who are being gossiped about are the most vulnerable.


Group of friends telling a secret at home


Gossip Causes Division in Your School

Gossip in the school destroys trust among teachers, students, staff and parents. Make sure you’re monitoring what is going on with your teachers and staff and have them help you stop the gossip monster before the wheels get turning. As your staff gets better at not gossiping among themselves, they’ll be better equipped to stop it when they see it happen with the students. You need to create an anti-gossip culture. Otherwise, you’ll continually be fighting the symptoms while never fully taking care of the root issue.

Helpful Tips to Cut Gossip Out

  • Start talking about something positive
  • Start talking about ways to improve the situation that’s being gossiped about
  • If you know truth, point that out
  • Speak truth to the gossiper about spreading gossip
  • Refuse to listen


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