Three Pitfalls Leaders Face While Running Fundraising Events

Posted by Shelby Wade on 9/24/19 6:30 AM

Leading a new fundraising initiative is not easy. Very few of us don’t get nervous when we start going down the path of everything that could go wrong or outright fail. If we get stuck in that trap, then the event will fail for sure because we will be spending way to much time on what could go wrong as opposed to spending time on creating a foolproof, effective event that will bring in the kind of dollars that you were planning. There are three areas that can go by the wayside when we get distracted by the fears of the little details.

A Lack of Vision

When we focus on what can go wrong, we lose sight of what we’re trying to go right. And if we’ve lost sight of it, there’s no way we can be the vision champions that we need to be. Make sure that when you’re planning the event, you are clear on why you’re holding it and what it will accomplish. That way, when you feel yourself getting distracted by the smaller details you can prioritize based on how much each detail impacts the larger vision.


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A Lack of Execution

If you are unable to execute your plan, there will be no event. But often, this is where things can fall apart most easily. Remember to always keep the big picture in mind. This is where your vision will guide you. What needs to be done when should always align with why you’re doing your event. And when you have issues arise that require you to deviate from your vision, make sure that you alter your plans to realign with the new vision and then put them into action immediately. The moment you lose sight of what is being done is the when most events start experiencing sever issues.

A Lack of Delegation

Delegating well can make your event soar. But if you don’t delegate, you'll find yourself in a place where you'll never be able to execute your vision. Find people you trust to take on elements of your strategic plan and check in with them regularly. Ask them for feedback on what’s going well and what could be improved. Your event planning will evolve as it goes forward, make sure that you evolve with it.

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