Three Ways to Generate Buzz for Your Next Event

Posted by Sarah Bayley on 5/28/18 7:08 AM

Hallway Chatter, what is really being said in your school about your fundraiser.

Next time your school or organization has a fundraiser coming up, keep your ear to the ground. Are people getting excited about the opportunity to participate or are they rolling their eyes bemoaning the fact that they have to participate in yet another fundraiser? There are always bound to be those who are detractors, but if most of the feedback you’re being given is “too many, too much” maybe it’s time to try something new.

Here are a few things to evaluate the excitement of your fundraiser within the walls of your school or organization:

Volunteer Excitement

Your volunteers are key to the success of your campaign. When you lose them, there’s no way you’ll be able to run a successful campaign.3 ways to generate buzz for your next event. Make sure you keep them informed, engaged and excited so that they can be a point person for their class.


Good incentives will drive up the excitement level of your participants.  If you are able to continually provide valuable incentives, their excitement levels
 will become contagious.  Make sure your incentives are valuable enough that people will become competitive as they try to reach each goal.


Celebrate the success of big and small accomplishments in your fundraising efforts.  Use the PA system in your school to highlight those students who are doing an outstanding job. Post messages on social media about volunteers who are going above and beyond.  Hand out your incentives publicly during the event to drum up excitement for the following year. There are a number of different ways you can motivate your people to make a difference. It’s time to get creative.

Making a few conscious decisions at the beginning of your campaign about how to generate excitement and promote engagement will go a long ways in the success of your fundraiser.  These intentional decisions will set the tone for the culture of your organization during the fundraising weeks. Follow through with your plan and continue to inspect the details of it to make sure it is producing the results you were hoping for.  If you don’t feel like it is effective, shake things up and get the excitement rolling again!

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