Three Ways to Say Thank You to Volunteers

Posted by Emily Hergert on 1/15/18 5:30 AM

Volunteers are the lifeblood of most organizations, especially when it comes to fundraising. From the planning stages to event execution, volunteers play a major role in successfully carrying out a fundraiser.

So how do you keep them from burning out? By making sure they feel appreciated! Thanking your volunteers can go such a long way in helping them to feel like their hard work is properly valued and that the time they spend on your organization is worthwhile.Thank You note to thank volunteers

Hand -Written Thank You


Sending your volunteers a hand written thank you note may seem like a no-brainer, but please do not underestimate how valuable it can be! This is a personal, individual message for your volunteers and it does not costs you only time. Be sure to mention specifically what each volunteer did for the team in your note and how it helped the overall success of the event – just make sure you don’t give everyone the same generic message. Receiving a personalized thank you will let your volunteers know that their efforts are not going unseen or unappreciated.


Small Gift


Giving your volunteers a small gift at the end of a successful event is a easy but effective way to show your appreciation. You do not need to spend much at all. It could even be something as simple as a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop. Just remember, it is the thought that counts here! Even the smallest gift, given with the volunteer in mind can speak volumes in letting them know how vital they are to you.


Appreciation Dinner


Appreciation dinners are a great way to gather your volunteers together and celebrate the success of their efforts. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the great things they have accomplished and the things that your organization has been able to achieve because of their help. Use this time to give out fun awards for those volunteers who have really gone above and beyond. Just be careful if you go this route that you do the work. It’s not really an appreciation event if you make your volunteers plan their own appreciation event.

Thanking your volunteers is a small but incredibly important part of any successful organization. It will dramatically reduce burnout rates and help you maintain a positive, long-term relationship with the people who dedicate their time and resources to helping your organization succeed!

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