Top Five Fundraising Events You Must Try

Posted by Emily Hergert on 2/4/18 2:06 PM

Have you been running the same fundraisers year after year? Don’t get caught in a fundraiser rut! There are so many exciting fundraising events that are fresh, fun and most importantly, profitable!

Here are the top five fundraising events you must try:

Live Dinner Auctions
Auctions are a fantastic way to bring in those hard to reach donors. By hosting a live dinner auction, you are inviting your entire community to an evening of exciting fun. At some point during the auction, be sure to tell your attendees a little about your school or organization. This is a great way to pique their interest and start them thinking about how they can get involved in the future. You never know, that couple at table seven may support your organization for years to come.

Golf & Walk Events
Golf events are an attractive fundraising option for many organizations, but the fact is that only about 15% of adults can actually play golf! The Golf & Walk event addresses and remedies this by becoming a golfing fundraiser that everyone can participate in. In a Golf & Walk event, your golfers will raise money on a per hole basis while your walkers will raise money based on the distance they walk on the course’s cart paths. This event is great for both adults and kids!


Sporting Clay Shoots
Sporting Clay Shoots are one of the fastest-growing fundraising events in the country! They are a type of skeet-shooting event that generates a ton of fun and excitement. Rather than paying an entry fee to play, your participants ask friends and family to donate money to your organization. By doing this, they are able to participate in the clay shoot. This event is totally safe and a ton of fun, even for people who have never pulled a trigger before.  

Community Servathons
In a Community Servathon, members of your school or organization ask for friends and family members to sponsor them, similar to a walkathon. The difference here is that, instead of walking, participants will work on service projects throughout your community. These projects could include picking up trash, cleaning up a local park, or doing yard work for shut-ins. Be creative with these ideas and be sure to consider what the greatest needs in your community are. Servathons are a great way for your younger volunteers to learn how to care for their communities and, as an added bonus, they often tend to draw a lot of media attention furthering your organization’s platform!

Feed the Need
Our biggest fundraising events at Champion are our Feed the Need events. Like the Servathon, volunteers ask their friends and family members to sponsor them for this incredible event. Then, on the day of the event, your participants will pack over 10,000 meals for hungry children and orphans! Some of these meals remain local for distribution to needy families in your area, and the rest go to a third-world country to help those facing extreme hunger. This event is the perfect tool for schools to teach students about the problem of world hunger and show them how to take practical steps to help solve it! Feed the Need events are also a great draw for media attention, and are often attended by news crews.

These are just five different events you can do but each one is ready to be customized for your own donor community. Spending a little extra time to find out what events work best for your donors is always worth your time, so get out there and start planning your next blockbuster fundraising event.

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