Top Tricks for a Successful Charity Auction that You Won't Want to Miss

Posted by Regina Earwood on 9/17/18 6:30 AM

Charity auctions can be some of the most profitable events for nonprofit organizations, but they take experienced volunteers and time to plan. This includes soliciting auction items and booking a venue.

Below you can find 5 of the best ways to ensure your auction is absolutely as successful as it can be.

Auction Software.

Auction software makes planning much more efficient and manageable for your volunteer team. The software can help you collect valuable data and will make your checkout process quick and easy. Your software can will also help you plan for the day of your auction.

Choosing Items.

Solicit items that will WOW your donors/attendees. That being said, make sure these items fit the income level of your audience. Often times an “experience” rather than physical items create more excitement and energy in your bidding.

Experienced Team of Volunteers.

Ideally you want volunteers who have some sort of auction experience. If this is not available, then certainly recruit a team that is totally devoted and passionate about your organization. If they are inexperienced, make sure you spend a good amount of time training those volunteers so they are ready and equipped on the day of the auction.

A professional auctioneer is always necessary for a successful event. Other positions needed are procurement team, marketing team, and those responsible for event day which include facilities, ambiance and registration team as well as bidder runners & spotters and cashier.

top tricks for charity auctions


Be Strategic with Auction Item Order.

You are probably going to have a few items in the auction that you know people are going to bid on.. If you auction off those first, it gives folks little reason to stick around. When you wait to auction off those items, you’ll keep donors/attendees on their toes and increase the competitive spirit which means more money for your organization.

Make Bidding Convenient.

Bid paddles have somewhat gone by the wayside for live auctions, but they certainly make it easier for the auctioneer to spot bits and allow your attendees/donors to move more freely, if necessary. Feel free to get creative or look into how this problem has been solved through technology. There have been strides made in the past several years to ensure that everyone can participate. Make sure you use them.

If you implement these 5 steps, you’ll see results immediately. Being able to offer the right products t the right time with a corps of volunteers who are able to serve the needs of the event well will guarantee a successful night.

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