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Discipleship Infused Education

by The Champion Group on 8/3/21 3:26 PM

While Christian school education is focused on growing and cultivating the next generation of leaders, Christian schools consist of seven components that need to work in unison for sustained...

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5 Leadership Best Practices that Make a Difference in Schools

by Lauren Griffin on 10/15/19 6:30 AM

In movies, we see leaders as the people standing up and making great speeches but we don’t often see the leaders doing the small things well. But doing the small things is what creates great...

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How One Small Non-Profit Raised Big Money

by Edna Wilson on 1/15/19 6:30 AM

Officer’s Christian Fellowship (OCF) is a 70-year old Christian ministry based in Denver that serves 17,000 military officers and their families. OCF was introduced to the Top Gun Sporting Clay...

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How to Write a Fundraising Letter that Will Yield Results

by Emily Hergert on 6/11/18 6:30 AM

Raising funds can be difficult in the best of times, but what if you are trying to raise funds with a letter writing campaign? How do you write a letter that doesn’t feel like junk mail? Here are...

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The Importance of Servant Leadership

by Walter Kearns on 5/8/18 6:30 AM

Colonel Hal Moore was the most decorated U.S. military personnel of the Vietnam War. Time after time he led his men victory in impossible situations and battles. As impressive as his record in...

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Three steps to Creating a Fundraiser That Keeps People Coming Back

by Clay Collie on 2/26/18 5:30 AM

Creating an event that your constituents will look forward to each year is something that many organizations worry about. How do we keep people excited and keep them coming back? Or maybe more...

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11 Secrets to Better Board Involvement

by Regina Earwood on 9/11/17 5:30 AM

Everybody has a different experience with their board. Some of you have incredibly involved boards who completely support you. Others have disengaged boards, or boards who are critical of any new...

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Which Incentives work?

by Sarah Bayley on 7/31/17 5:30 AM

Motivating volunteers can be difficult. Finding the right words is even harder but one of the easiest ways to appeal to your volunteers’ “what’s in it for me” attitude is quite simple. Incentives....

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How 100 Hole Golf Marathons Can Change Fundraising

by Don Carmichael on 4/10/17 5:30 AM

Your organization has to raise $30,000 to $100,000.  You don’t want to sell candy bars and you don’t want to waste your volunteers’ time on uninteresting and low-yield fundraisers.  So what are...

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6 Principles of Success for Exceptional Fundraisers

by Don Carmichael on 2/13/17 5:30 AM

Everyone has an idea on how to create the best fundraising event possible...but do you have a strategic, well thought out plan? Follow the six steps below and you will.

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