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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 101

by The Champion Group on 9/7/21 5:01 PM

One of the most important relationships you can foster is the one you create with your supporters. It starts with welcoming them to the community, making them feel appreciated, helping them on...

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Find Your Why for Your Fundraising Strategy

by Bonnie Larson on 12/10/19 6:30 AM

Building a sustainable annual fundraising event requires a personal yet unified investment in the ‘Why’ behind the vision. In his Ted Talk Simon Sinek discusses the importance of answering the...

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4 Ways to Boost Your Board's Fundraising

by Emily Hergert on 11/19/19 6:30 AM

Being a board member in an organization grants you a unique platform and opportunity to influence the rest of the members of the organization. When it comes to fundraisers, this platform being...

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Fundraising Simplified: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

by Jill Belknap on 10/29/19 6:30 AM

I don’t know anyone who enjoys fundraising. It’s difficult to ask for money, especially when there are so many worthy organizations and causes that people can give to. Why would they give to you?

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A Strategic Plan for Building Your Donor Base

by Walter Kearns on 8/13/19 6:30 AM

Nonprofits around the world are asking themselves; “how will we bring in our yearly budget on time?” While building a strategic plan to reach your budget is not hard, it does take time.

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The Importance of a Good Fundraiser

by Sarah Bayley on 5/28/19 6:30 AM

We’ve all been to a fundraiser where it didn’t quite hit the mark. Either it felt like the effort to put it on wasn’t totally there, the ask for funds wasn’t clear or maybe so clear that it became...

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How to Avoid the Top 3 Worst Shooting Tournament Mistakes

by Edna Wilson on 5/21/19 6:30 AM

Putting on an event takes a lot of energy, effort and care. The last thing you want is to miss a small detail that derails the whole event. We identified the three most common mistakes you can...

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Writing a Job Description for Your Volunteers

by Jill Belknap on 5/14/19 6:30 AM

If you’ve ever hosted a fundraising event, you know how important volunteers are. It is impossible for an event to be successful and run smoothly without volunteers. But who you choose for your...

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Avoiding Donor Fatigue

by Jill Belknap on 5/7/19 6:30 AM

One of the biggest mistakes an organization can make is continually asking donors? Even if you absolutely love the organization, if they ask you for funds too often, it can feel like they’re...

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5 Proven Secrets to Mobilizing Volunteers to Reach Your Fundraising Goals

by Kevin Smith on 3/12/19 6:30 AM

Why is it so difficult to ask anyone to volunteer? It’s a question that’s plagued most of us at one time or another. Most people say they are willing to volunteer and help out but why does it seem...

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