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How Leaders Can Manage Organizational Stress in Christian Schools

by The Champion Group on 5/6/21 3:38 PM

If you are part of the senior leadership team in a Christian school, you can probably relate to the difficulty of managing the countless operational activities that take place within your...

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5 Steps To Successful Private School Fundraising

by The Champion Group on 5/4/21 4:19 PM

Private school fundraising is undeniably an enriching experience which helps your students develop compassion and brings your community together. If you’re planning to set up a fundraising event...

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Private School Financial Sustainability for the Long Haul

by The Champion Group on 12/3/20 2:57 PM

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that our private schools’ financial sustainability needs to be prioritized. Problems will come up in the future that strain your school’s checkbook....

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