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Maintain Parent Engagement This Summer With These Tips

by The Champion Group on 6/3/21 1:24 PM

Parent engagement is crucial for your school, because they’re key stakeholders in their child’s learning and growth. Parents’ are also naturally likely to be anxious about the wellbeing of their...

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Off-Season Fundraising Tips for Summer

by The Champion Group on 4/6/21 9:40 AM

The “off-season” in fundraising typically refers to the middle of the year or summer season. If you’re in the business of fundraising, you know that most of your donations are received towards the...

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Practical Tips to Strengthen Your School’s Family Engagement

by The Champion Group on 1/5/21 2:53 PM

Communication between schools and families is challenging as it is. Add in a global pandemic where practically everything has moved online and communication is now extra critical, and things are...

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