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Why Operations Is Essential to the Overall Success of Your School

by The Champion Group on 1/13/22 4:26 PM

It may be surprising to hear that your school should be operating more like a business rather than how a school is traditionally run. A school exists to provide a service: educating children....

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A Primer on Advancement: How It Helps Your School Excel

by The Champion Group on 1/4/22 1:10 PM

You’re a leader or employee at a nonprofit organization or private school, and you’re passionate about what you do. You believe you’re doing good work and contributing to the progress of your...

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Discipleship… This (Actually) Changes Everything!

by The Champion Group on 12/9/21 10:41 AM

In one of the most watched and shared TED Talks ever, Simon Sinek famously calls his listeners to “Start with WHY.” His point is that when we begin by constructing the “what” or scheming the “how”...

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How Proper Financial Planning Sets Your School Up for Success

by The Champion Group on 12/7/21 11:33 AM

It can be hard to make a change when you’ve been doing the same thing for so long. But just because it’s the way things have always been doesn’t mean it’s the way they should keep going. Change...

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Why Leadership Development Is the Linchpin of Your School's Success

by The Champion Group on 11/4/21 11:15 AM

What does leadership mean to you? To us, leadership is a huge issue; some might even argue that it is the most important. Without leadership, a school’s action plan and governance have a much...

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Board Governance 101: Which Model Works Best?

by The Champion Group on 11/2/21 11:04 AM

Governance is key—especially in Christian school settings. Governance has roots in Biblical principles, and is modeled to us throughout the Bible. Through successful board governance strategies,...

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Strategic Planning for Your School: Why It Matters

by The Champion Group on 10/7/21 4:02 PM

Finding your “why” comes from the purpose and overall mission of your school’s existence. Ultimately, this is not what your school does, but why it does it. Ask yourself this question, “Does my...

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The Keys to Christian School Sustainability: An Overview

by The Champion Group on 10/5/21 3:54 PM

Many Christian schools have a familiar mission: to partner with families as they grow and educate the next generation of leaders. The focus is to develop students through their academic skills—in...

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