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3 Ways Non-Profits And Millennials Are The Perfect Match

by Walter Kearns on 12/17/19 7:46 PM

Change can be difficult but if you want to make sure that your organization stays relevant here are a few things to consider:

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Auctions Simplified: Tips, Tricks and Expert Advice

by Lynette Fries on 12/3/19 6:30 AM

Auctions can generate quite a bit of cash for your organization, but they can be quite a bit of work! Follow our tips, tricks, and expert advice to simplify the process, limit your risk and make...

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Protecting Your Most Important Fundraising Resource

by Jill Belknap on 11/26/19 9:18 AM

A fundraising event lives or dies based on the quality and quantity of your volunteers.The best, most successful events hinge on having a motivated and happy volunteer base. Since they are freely...

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3 Ways to Recruit New Volunteers

by Lauren Griffin on 11/12/19 6:30 AM

Recruiting new volunteers can feel like a daunting task. How do you ask someone to give up some of their most precious commodity, time, for free? Well, first, you need to understand that people...

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Three Pitfalls Leaders Face While Running Fundraising Events

by Shelby Wade on 9/24/19 6:30 AM

Leading a new fundraising initiative is not easy. Very few of us don’t get nervous when we start going down the path of everything that could go wrong or outright fail. If we get stuck in that...

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How Volunteers bring your Nonprofit to Life

by Sarah Bayley on 7/30/19 6:58 AM

Volunteers working within your organization fuel to your mission. They fundraise, help with administrative tasks, give legs to your vision and make sure everything runs smoothly. They serve with...

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Writing a Job Description for Your Volunteers

by Jill Belknap on 5/14/19 6:30 AM

If you’ve ever hosted a fundraising event, you know how important volunteers are. It is impossible for an event to be successful and run smoothly without volunteers. But who you choose for your...

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How to Lead a Fundraiser from a 30k Foot View

by Edna Wilson on 4/23/19 6:30 AM

Let me ask you a question. How many fundraising events has the majority of the work been done by one person? Now, how many fundraisers has that one person been you? If you said none, you either...

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You Gotta Save Money to Make Money!

by Shelby Wade on 4/16/19 6:30 AM

More often than not we're told that we have to spend money to make money, but it's surprising how frequently the opposite can be true. Saving money is a great way for you to increase your...

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3 Easy Steps for Creating Engaging Fundraisers for Students

by Shelby Wade on 4/9/19 6:30 AM

Students can an untapped resource in your quest for making your fundraisers truly remarkable. You might be surprised at the energy and enthusiasm they'll bring to your next event.

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