Year End Giving, donors, strategic planning

Your Guide to a Year End Giving Campaign

by Sarah Bayley on 10/1/19 6:30 AM


As the calendar quickly turns toward 2020 your nonprofit should be preparing for your year-end giving campaign. Nearly 50% of nonprofits receive the majority of their annual donations between...

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How to Maximize Your First-of-the-Year Fundraising

by Kevin Smith on 2/12/19 6:30 AM

Following a busy holiday season you may find yourself unsure of what to do next. In the realm of giving statistically 31% of individual donors happen in the month of December. More so 12% of...

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Why Saying Thank You Matters

by Topher Wallace on 1/8/19 6:30 AM

Everyone wants to make an impact. That’s why you work where you work and that’s why your donors give their hard earned money to make sure that what you do is a success. But sometimes we can take...

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How to Prepare a Stunning Year-End Fund Appeal

by Bonnie Larson on 12/4/18 6:30 AM

Approximately 30% of all charitable giving occurs at year-end, making it possibly the easiest time to attract new donors and raise money for your cause. Consider these 10 tips as you prepare your...

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