What is Your Organization's Story

Posted by Bonnie Larson on 5/8/17 5:30 AM

Recently I read on a T-shirt, “Give Life to Your Life Story”. We all have a story we are living out daily.  Hopefully, it is a life story of purpose, passion, and mission.

However, what is your organization’s story?  What is your purpose, your passion, your mission as an organization?  Where have you been and where are you going? I would ask you…are you giving LIFE to that story?  I’m sure you are but in doing so, ponder these 4 considerations to proclaim it even more boldly.



  1. Share your organizational story every chance you get!  Whether you are a nonprofit, school, athletic club, or band, enthusiastically and creatively share your purpose and your mission with your members, audiences, on your website, in your literature, through social media or conversation. Do not take for granted they know it. Share it passionately – why it exists and what need it meets.

  1. Take your organization’s temperature. Is it below normal with the case of the “blahs” simply because the same thing has been done the same way every single year? Perhaps it is time to think out of the box! If so, remember your story! Go back to your roots and reason for existence and reflect. Is the mission still the real heart of the matter? Or has focus been lost to complacency? A paycheck? Status quo? Replace passivity with passion and boredom with boldness. Boldness to renew and change, if necessary. 
  1. Be intentional about adding meaningful service projects to activities within your organization. Community projects, feeding the hungry, performing odd jobs for the elderly and serving the homeless bring joy and an inward satisfaction to those who participate. Do you want to give life to your organization’s story? Consider ways you can reach out to others and provide opportunities for those in your nonprofit/school/ministry to do the same. And then, listen as they tell their experience and the impact it made on them.  It will be their story within your organization because they lived it! Certainly, it will add a healthy dose of LIFE within your organization. 
  1. Celebrate the fact that gifts, time or talent given to your organization translates into changed lives or positive change in the quality of life for others. Through all means of communication, share the stories of your constituents regularly through short one or two sentence quotes, two minute videos, or concise paragraphs in newsletters.


Just as the t-shirt in bold letters caught my attention, catch other’s attention by celebrating the life and reason for your organization’s mission. Be intentional about giving LIFE to your story and you’ll see the difference in how people respond to what you do.

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